I just wanted to give you guys a heads up that A Happy Horse Home Study Course is about to sell out again. The original sets sold old out in 1 month when I first released the course last February. So, I produced a bunch more, and right now I’m down to 78 courses.

That probably doesn’t sound like a problem except when the fulfillment house reprints, they are going to charge more for production which means that the price of the course will increase.

I just wanted to let you know ahead of time so you don’t get a nasty surprise. I realize that $597 is a big chunk of change, but many people are sharing the course (and the cost!) with a few friends to make it more affordable. They even tell me they have a “Happy Horse Party” once a week where the watch a lesson, discuss the content, and have a fun dinner! (Who says dressage can’t be fun!!)

They also tell me that they’ve figured out that when they divide the cost of Happy Horse by the 44 discs in the program, it only comes to $13.57/session (and that doesn’t even include the manual!). That’s a whole lot cheaper than a lesson in most any part of the country. Plus they still have it in their library for reference anytime they need help!

Click or copy the link below to get A Happy Horse at the original price while they last.