Jane signing books at Equine Affaire in California
(Photo courtesy of Vinton Karrasch)

Book Titles:

That Winning Feeling! – Published worldwide

Cross-Train Your Horse For Performance & Pleasure

Vol 1: Simple Basic Dressage for All Disciplines
Vol 2: Build a Better Athlete With Dressage Techinques

It’s Not Just About The Ribbons, is a sequel to That Winning Feeling!

A Winning Attitude: 50 Tips to Jump Start Your Attitude

DRESSAGE 101: The Ultimate Source of
Dressage Basics in a Language You Can Understand

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Audio Tapes, CDs and DVDs:

The Half-Halt Demystified

DVD 1: Learning the Half-Halt
DVD 2: Putting Your Horse on the Bit

Riding In Your Mind’s Eye

DVD 1: Getting Started
DVD 2: First Level

Train With Jane Instructional DVDs Volume 1

Volume 1 contains the following lessons:

  • Teach Your Horse to “Think” Forward
  • Make Your Horse Straight
  • Making Your Horse Supple
  • Introduction to Lateral Work (Leg Yielding Part 1)
  • Train With Jane Instructional DVDs Volume 2

Volume 2 contains the following lessons:

  • Connection
  • Problem Solving with Leg Yielding
  • Shoulder-In
  • Haunches-In

The Riders’ Inside Edge

Jane’s new motivational audio CD program will help you bust through limiting beliefs, set goals, stay motivated, overcome rider fear, and anchor positive emotions.

The Guide to Training a Happy Horse and Happy Horse Solutions
A complete home study course that breaks down everything from the beginning of work under saddle through Third Level. Includes 35 DVDs, 23 CDs, and 2 manuals.

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Articles Published Nationally:

Dressage and Combined Training
Practical Horseman
Horse Illustrated
Dressage Today
Hunter and Sporthorse
Equine Athlete