Is Your Horse a 900 Pound Weakling?

You Can Transform Him into a Strong Athlete With a Beautiful Topline
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Does your horse need to get stronger over his topline so he can work more comfortably because:

  • He’s had time off due to either you or him being laid up.
  • You haven’t been able to work him consistently because of the weather, work, or family commitments.
  • He came into your life after years of incorrect schooling and working “upside down”.
  • He’s an older horse who needs to stay athletically young and vital.
  • He’s an OTTB or has been ridden in gadgets and has developed the wrong muscles.
  • You just don’t know exactly what to do to build his topline.

If any of that sounds like your situation, How To Build Your Horse’s Topline is for you. You get to be your horse’s personal trainer and help him become a strong, amazing athlete.

In this program, I’m going to walk you step by step through a case study I did with my Moshi to rebuild his topline over two short months.

I think you’ll find it encouraging that even at age 18, I could bring Moshi back from looking dead lame to comfortably being able to do everything in the Grand Prix again.

Moshi’s shoulder and base of neck when we started
Moshi’s shoulder and base of neck 2 months later
Now with Moshi, I was able to make these startling changes so quickly because I was rebuilding pre-existing muscles. But this system works even if you’re dealing with a horse who has never had the right muscles.

Take a look at my first OTTB, Happenstance. Since “Happen” didn’t have the right muscles to begin with, it took us a bit longer than it did with Moshi. But the remarkable transformation you see in the pictures below took place within his first year of training.

Happenstance shortly after coming off the track
Happenstance at his first show 10 months later
Thank you so much for your help! This course has been wonderfully informative and helpful.
Susie B., Martha’s Vineyard

I want to let you know how much I have enjoyed and appreciated the “Topline Program”. It is so frustrating riding without a coach for months at a time.

You picked up on so many things I need to work on just from the short video I sent. With this program I felt like I had someone watching and caring how I progressed. Thank you!

Laurie-Ann, Canada

How To Build Your Horse’s Topline contains:

  1. 45 page ebook outlining the easy process we went through over a two month period to rebuild Moshi’s topline Value $67
  2. Nine short videos demonstrating the methods in the ebook Value $97
    • The Connecting Aids (12 minutes)
    • The Secret To Building a Strong Topline–Working “Deep” (5 minutes)
    • Suppling Your Horse So He Can Accept the Connecting Aids
      (15 minutes)
    • The “Reset” Exercise to Help Your Horse Understand The “Deep Frame” (5 minutes)
    • Teach Connecting Aids Through Lengthenings (5 minutes)
    • Ride Movements in a “Deep” Frame By Giving Two Sets of Aids At Once (6 minutes)
    • How to Start Trot Work (4 minutes)
    • Staying Connected During Transitions (9 minutes)
    • Results (2 minutes)
  3. Three 45-minute Audios of the ebook that can be burned to CDs to listen to in your car or home. Value $47
  4. Listen in on three pre-recorded coaching calls where I address questions and problems that often come up in the normal course of training. Value $300
  5. FREE Bonus ebook – How to Put Your Horse On the Bit and Keep Him There Value $67
If you add up the five components of the program, you can see that the value of this information comes to $578. (And if you think about what it might be worth to you to finally transform your horse’s body, that’s a huge bargain!)

You can get the entire program for just $247.

Basic Topline Package

2 ebooks, videos, audios,
3 group coaching calls




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