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Becoming a capable, confident rider is hard enough without having to go it alone or rely on information from people you don’t know who post on bulletin boards.

So that’s why I’ve been working like a maniac on something very special for you—my membership site called Dressage Mentor.

First I want to explain why I think a site like this is so important. I’m sure you understand the value of ongoing coaching and training. I’ve had a coach in every area of my life from riding to fitness to writing to speaking.

My coaches and mentors help me set goals, keep me on track and are great motivators and support systems when things get tough. Plus, they recharge my batteries by giving me new ideas and new ways of problem solving. (That’s why I audit as many clinics as I can, and I’m even planning to audit the learner judges’ program this year.)

But back when I started my riding career, I was so BROKE that I couldn’t afford a coach. With the economy the way it is now, I’m sure you can relate.

I could barely afford 2 clinics a year (I paid for those lessons with my waitressing tips!)…And I even had to borrow a truck and trailer to get to those clinics.

Since it was very expensive to travel to and from the clinics, pay for the lessons, and stay at hotel for 2 short lessons, I learned how to supplement my education. Because those were the days before the internet and home study courses, I relied on Alois Podhajsky’s Complete Training of Horse and Rider. That book was my bible. Even though Podjasky was no longer alive, I considered him my coach and mentor.

Whenever I had problems, I’d look up the solution in his book. In fact, you’ll find that Podjasky’s “unilateral half halt” is what I call the “connecting half halt”. (I found the word “unilateral” too much of a mouthful to say when teaching!)

And money wasn’t my only problem. FEAR was a biggie for me. I had had a very serious accident. A horse kicked me in the mouth with both hind feet. He crushed my upper jaw and knocked my 4 front teeth out. The doctors told me that if he had kicked me 1/2 inch higher, he would have shoved my nose up into my head, and I’d be dead. So, I’m sure you can imagine I had to work through some pretty intense fear issues.

I’m not saying that you have to get your teeth knocked out to be afraid. Maybe you’re nervous because you’ve had a bad fall, been on a bolting (rearing, bucking) horse, dreaded riding in front of other people (including judges), or you’re riding a young horse.

The point is that fear is fear. And having gone through my fair share of fear and anxiety, I know how you feel and can help you deal with your mental monsters.

And last (not really last!) but not least, I’ve struggled with a lack of SELF-CONFIDENCE throughout my career.

I remember when the long-list of the 12 horses and riders for the Barcelona Olympics first came out. I looked at that list, and I could understand why every single person except for me belonged on that list. I was totally intimidated and didn’t feel like I belonged in that company. (That insecurity set me on the path of working with an awesome sports psychologist.)

Anyhow, I feel like I’m living proof of the value of coaching and mentoring so I want to offer the same opportunity to you. Since many of you enjoyed the 3 learning formats in A Happy Horse, I decided to follow that type of format in the membership site—video, audio, and written material.

Lots of you have told me:

  • You’re frustrated with the high cost and/or lack of availability of on-going coaching.
  • You’re discouraged and confused by clinicians who don’t break things down into understandable pieces so that you can re-create the lessons at home.
  • You want more help with your position.
  • You want terminology clarified without having to feel like an idiot for asking what things mean!
  • You need ways to evaluate and “feel” if you’re making progress when you’re on your own.
  • You want more info for horses and/or riders who are at the basic levels.
  • You want a plan and a variety of exercises to “brighten” your daily routine.
  • You’d like to see a “compare and contrast” of the right and wrong way to do things.
  • You want to see “normal” horses (not expensive warmbloods!) and average riders sorting through training issues.
  • You’d like tips and help for the middle-aged, not-so-agile, somewhat fearful rider.
  • You’d like a supportive community forum to share experiences and brainstorm.

…And I’ve been listening!

Inside you’ll find all sorts of great tips, tools, techniques, and advice to work through the training and emotional hurdles that pop up in the normal course of riding and schooling.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll find:

Training Videos: You’ll have a ringside seat to watch lessons with folks just like you as well as see lots of BONUS footage from special events.

Audios: You can listen in on my lectures as well as interviews with top experts. Lectures cover training techniques as well as sports psychology strategies.

Ask Jane: You’ll find a wealth of information in this section. Each month over the last 8 years, I’ve answered several of your top questions on everything from riding to training to equipment to sports psychology to dealing with difficult barn situations.

Hot Seat: This section includes critiques of videos and photographs sent in by Dressage Mentor members. You’ll get to hear my analysis of the pictures and videos and learn fun and creative exercises to help you work through your own training issues.

Facebook Group: This private group is your support community. Share your ideas and successes. Brainstorm with like-minded people who have the welfare of their horses and continuing education uppermost in their minds…I’ll even pop in from time to time and join your discussions!

Articles: You can download a wealth of information from these archived articles. Keep your own notebook of articles for quick and easy reference.

I realize that nothing can ever replace hands-on instruction with your trainer, but here’s what some people have said about my educational materials:

I purchased “Jane Savoie’s Guide for Training a Happy Horse”, after having seen and benefited from her other training videos such as “The Half-Halt Demystified”.

1. I can watch the DVD to see the instruction and demonstration riders and while driving out to ride I can listen again to the instruction on the CD in the car. 2. The lessons are short enough so that I am not overwhelmed and can be practiced immediately. 3. The lessons build on each other in a logical sequence. 4. Remarkably, Jane provides the information to know if what you are doing has worked, provides education for correction, and her training suggestions work just like she describes.

There has not been one problem that I have found with this riding system.

Quality: The quality of the DVD’s, CD’s, and book are good.

Summary: As a backyard dressage rider with limited access to regular instruction, I found the series of DVD’s, CD’s, and instruction book to be worth every penny spent. My horse has totally changed his frame, is more flexible, responsive, light, and engaged than he has ever been before. Jane has been able to address the issues I have struggled with for 30 years. I feel as if she has seen me ride and made this program for me. If my horse ever in the past found his way to be connected and on the bit, it was truly by accident. I could not have told you what I did to produce the result, nor could I maintain the frame. She has taught me to understand and use the dressage training pyramid, she has corrected my unsteady hands, taught me to put my horse together, turned my canter struggles into a pleasure, FINALLY TO USE MY OUTSIDE REIN, and so many other things, I cannot mention them all.

Rating: 5

Author: Happy Horse Rider, Horse Tack Review


I wanted to tell you about how wonderfully my horse is doing and I attribute so much of it to your happy horse course. He is maturing and has really started trying to figure out what I’m asking him to do. Your course has helped me to improve my riding and consistency of my aides and he is really starting to respond. Yesterday he was so connected I was able to ride 12 meter circles with him staying connected on the outside rein! This is monumental for us! At 17.3 and 1600 lbs trying to turn him can be like trying to turn a freight train on a straight track. He still has challenges staying focused, but I can feel him thinking and trying hard to “do the right thing”. It is the coolest feeling!

As I was reviewing the lesson on connection, you reminded us about following up a strong aide with a “whisper” so that you don’t always have to use the stronger aide (clearly I had forgotten). With this reminder, he became so much more responsive to my forward aides. I can’t tell you how much joy I am having riding this big beautiful boy.
Thank you hardly seems enough!


I have a beautifully, talented Warmblood who is missing his near-side eye. He is super spooky, super flighty and as such isn’t always able to allow his talents to shine through. I’ve always felt that when he gets in his spooky, flighty modes he blocks me by grabbing the inside rein and blocks through his shoulders. Well, since watching this suppling DVD, I have had awesome, soft, over the back, reaching, amazing rides!! The minute I popped him into trot I just had this amazing swinging, soft horse and it was just the highest of high feelings!! The true test was this morning as there were scary creatures hiding everywhere, and he was like a time bomb ticking! Whilst it took a little longer to get him to reach and relax, I slowly felt his body giving and then his mind relaxed and he gave me some really nice work! So thank you. That would not have been possible prior to watching your material.
Maggie, Australia

I followed the steps on the Half Halt DVDs and once I got the hang of it, it was as though overnight I was able to get just about every stiff nose-poking hunter in the barn on the bit, over the back, and moving 10x better than before.

Jane has a way of taking complex topics and breaking them down into manageable bits. All for less than the price of one lesson!!

Stephanie, Canada

My horse is seventeen, and was very difficult to get on the bit and working through. He is now improving in leaps and bounds! I love the way you explain every movement and act from the rider’s side too. No harsh and cruel remedies! Just go back one or two steps in the training scale! If only I’ve had this some thirty plus years ago! This is my daily bread!
Regards, Erica, So Africa

Jane’s DVDs transformed my horse, got him off my hands, got him on the bit, and got him back on his haunches.

Her work in sports psychology has also been a factor in my overcoming significant fear issues.

Kayla, Nevada

Thanks to you, I will be able to enter my three year olds for the first time into a walk, trot, and canter class. I’d just like to say thank you. Since I started to train with you through your DVDs, every training session with my horse is a happy one
Karin, New Hampshire

I have had many trainers & was very confused over the use of the aids. I had no idea what I was doing (my poor horse) no wonder she would toss her head in the air and then root. Today we were training & a friend watched me for a while, and then said, “Who have you been taking lessons with? You are riding sooo much better & with more control.
Gail, Australia

I am already seeing significant results in my new 4.5 yr old that I have had for two weeks now. Thank you for contributing so much to a fabulous and fulfilling new relationship!!
Lexi, CA

I, like others, have aid issues with the canter and (staying on the bit in the transitions). As much as I read, I still had to be reminded of your “two set of aids at once;” I forget to get the connecting aids before, during, and after the transition. So this morning with my mare I worked on the connecting aids at the trot then worked with it at the canter and we achieved better transitions both ways. This was one of the best workouts with this little mare! So, again, thank you and I hope I can remember everything tomorrow!
Leslie, Hawaii

I know you’ll find so much valuable information on the site that you’ll probably think it’s worth at least the cost of a monthly riding lesson…and depending on where you live, that lesson could cost you anywhere from $40 to $150!

But I’ve been in your shoes. And because I know how expensive it is to get consistent, high quality education on a regular basis, I want to make this information affordable and available to EVERYONE.

So I’m offering an all access pass for a one-time membership fee of just $247.

And as if that wasn’t awesome enough, as a member, you’ll receive special offers throughout the year not available to non-members.

To get immediate access to the site, Click Here.

Have fun and enjoy the journey!

Here’s a sample of one of the Hot Seats.


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