Dressage trainer Jane Savoie and Peter Raymond, President of Human Condition LLC, joined forces at EQ-Equisense to create the world’s first SmartTack for Equestrians.

After extensive research and development, Savoie and Raymond announced today that their revolutionary new product EQ-Equisense SmartTack is now available for purchase by dressage centers and universities.

Savoie saw the need for a system like SmartTack because she recognized the unique challenges facing riding instructors and students—the ability to teach and learn that elusive quality called “feel”.

Jane explains that, “Subtle imbalances in a rider’s position are not always clearly visible to the human eye. Yet they clearly have a negative impact on riding and training. Plus, riders get frustrated by their lack of natural “feel” which results in unbalanced and crooked bodies as well as confusion about how to use aids correctly. EQ SmartTack addresses both of these issues.”

Raymond, a leading innovator in immersive simulation technology describes EQ SmartTack as, “tack retrofitted with sensors in the seat, flaps, stirrups, and reins. The sensory data is transmitted wirelessly to an iPad or Apple computer for instantaneous interpretation. Data may also be captured for later review and analysis.

The most exciting aspect of SmartTack, however, is that it is designed not only for static position analysis but also for use while actually riding your own horse. The system gives an instructor instantaneous feedback about a rider’s position and pressure in the saddle and on the reins while riding.

By providing a “magnifying glass” to examine often imperceptible elements of a student’s balance, position, and use of the aids, corrections are immediate and accurate. This system skyrockets a student’s learning curve while also making learning fun.”

Supported by solid research conducted by Dr. Hilary Clayton at the McPhail Equine Performance Center at Michigan State University, the EQ SmartTack System merges cutting-edge technology with proven teaching and training methodology.

To learn more about how you can bring Jane Savoie and Peter Raymond’s EQ-Equisense SmartTack to your dressage facility or university, go to www.eqtrained.com.