Dressage trainer, Jane Savoie, is excited about her new company EQ-Equisense’s breakthrough approach to riding and horse training for all equestrians.

EQ Equisense Systems and three-time Olympic coach, Jane Savoie, debuted this unique training system for dressage horses and riders at the World Equestrian Games in Lexington, Kentucky. Developed with the help of the world-renowned McPhail Equine Performance Center, EQ’s line of products changes the face of equestrian sports forever.

Savoie says, “This exciting marriage of training and technology skyrockets a rider’s learning curve far beyond traditional teaching methods because it relies on science rather than flawed subjective human analysis and bias.”

EQ training moves leaps beyond traditional horsemanship and delivers to riders an unprecedented set of tools and technology to improve their own skills as well as their horses’ training. The EQ motto is: If you can see and feel it, you can fix it. EQ helps you see and feel it. EQ Certified Training Centers are opening globally and a mobile clinic begins a multi-event tour in the Spring of 2011.

The EQ Sensored Tack actually senses how a rider moves. It give an instructor a better “magnifying glass” so she can really see below the surface right down to the root of training problems. The EQ Sensored Tack can be used either on an Equicizer for position analysis and diagnosis. But it also can be used on the rider’s actual horse. Data is transmitted wirelessly to the EQPro system where the instructor can analyze the nuances in the riders position and use of aids.

EQ is also launching EQ Live–the premier equestrian destination for riders in all disciplines and all levels of experience. With EQ Live, you can learn, compete, and connect with other people who are passionate about horses. With a range of iPhone apps, DVDs, and online riding simulations, you can tune up your skills day or night, whether at your stable or in your living room.

Experience the most revolutionary advancement in the horse industry for diagnosing, evaluating, and improving your riding skills by visiting dressage trainer, Jane Savoie‘s Equisense website www.eqtrained.com. Check it out at: https://social.eqtrained.com/videos/view/video—_80.html