“How to Handle Shying” DVD

Hosted by Jane Savoie

This DVD on How To Handle Shying helps you:

  • Learn Why Horses Shy
  • Understand The Dominant Eye
  • Avoid Several Common Rider Mistakes
  • Learn Simple Exercises to Help You Relax Both On And Off Your Horse
  • Learn The Exact Aids For A Suppling Technique To Relax Your Spooky Horse
  • Learn How To “Read Your Horse’s Ears” To Know When He’s About To Shy
  • How To Gradually Introduce a “Scary Object”

“What a difference this makes! When I use your suppling technique, my horse focuses on me instead of everything around us. Powerful little tool you have there, Jane!”—Dale S.“My horse has done a 180-degree turn in her daily rides! Tuesday night I was able to take her out on her very first SOLO trail ride EVER. Last year I struggled for 3 hours just to get her down a 200-yard stretch of trail in broad daylight without her balking!” – Makon B


To find the dvd on Handling the Horse that Shys, go to the Shop at:   https://www.eqtrained.com