Did you know that what you resist persists?
In fact, if you don’t learn to manage your fears,
you’ll actually CREATE the very situation that scares you.

  • Does the fear of being out of control or getting dumped give you that rubber-legged “I’m going to puke feeling” that makes it impossible for you to relax and have fun?
  • Have you had an accident or fall, and now you’re terrified to even get back on your horse let alone canter or jump him so you just lunge him or let someone else ride?
  • Do you want to trail ride, jump, or compete, but the thought of your horse bolting, bucking, shying, or rearing keeps you stuck at home in the ring?
  • Does the fear of getting so badly hurt you can’t care for your family or pay your bills keep you awake at night?
  • Are you freaking out because you think you’re ruining your horse and don’t deserve him so you’ve even thought about quitting riding?
  • Are you panicked because you’re getting older and don’t feel as athletic, capable, or invincible as you did when you were a kid, and that thought depresses you?
  • Is the fear of being out of control keeping you from riding young or unfamiliar horses because you just don’t trust them so you turn down a lot of opportunities that come your way?

And sometimes the worst part about fear is you beat yourself up about it because you just don’t know WHY you’re so afraid. Often, nothing bad has even happened to you. Yet, you’re filled with anxiety.

I totally understand. You see, at some point in my life, I’ve pretty much lived through all of those same fears.

Out of necessity and pure survival, I discovered the secrets that have let me manage my fears and get the “fear gremlins” off my back.

Just think what it would mean to you too to be able to tell the Fear Gremlins to “Pipe down!” When your fears recede and become insignificant, you can finally focus on training and enjoying new experiences like competing or hacking out. What a relief!

If you’re finally ready to control your fear so it never again stops you from totally relaxing, having fun, and creating a harmonious partnership with your horse, keep reading – this may be the most important letter you’ve ever read…

And sometimes the worst part about fear is you beat yourself up about it because you just don’t know WHY you’re so afraid. Often, nothing bad has even happened to you. Yet, you’re filled with anxiety. I totally understand. You see, at some point in my life, I’ve pretty much lived through all of those same fears. Out of necessity and pure survival, I discovered the secrets that have let me manage my fears and get the “fear gremlins” off my back. Just think what it would mean to you too to be able to tell the Fear Gremlins to “Pipe down!” When your fears recede and become insignificant, you can finally focus on training and enjoying new experiences like competing or hacking out. What a relief! If you’re finally ready to control your fear so it never again stops you from totally relaxing, having fun, and creating a harmonious partnership with your horse, keep reading – this may be the most important letter you’ve ever read…

Date: September 22nd
From: Jane Savoie, Dressage Mentor

Hey there! It’s Jane.

I’m writing you this letter so you know that the fear you have is not only more common than you might think –it’s entirely normal.

In fact, I’ve felt it myself.

Allow me to share my own “fear history”, so you know you aren’t alone in this…

I really don’t know why I’m such a fearful person. Maybe it has to do with the fact that when I was growing up, I was always given subtle messages that the world was a dangerous place, and I could get hurt, injured, or worse!

Whether I was walking to school as a youngster, driving a car as I got older, going on a trip, getting on a plane, or even just going out for the evening, the last words I always heard were, “Be Careful!”

The messages were given out of love, but, nonetheless, they filled me with fear that I should always be on guard. To me, “Wear your sweater or you’ll get sick,” meant that I was fragile and vulnerable.

Then again, some of my fears were the result of serious accidents like being eight years old and having a horse bolt blindly with me on a trail ride until I smashed into a tree at high speed.

Or getting kicked in the face losing my four front teeth and having to have my jaw wired. The first words I heard from the surgeon were, “If that horse had kicked you one inch higher, he would have shoved your nose through your brain, and you’d be dead.” After that, it took me many years to feel comfortable even walking behind a horse.

But it really doesn’t matter why fear has been my constant companion. The fact is that I finally said, “ENOUGH!”

I really do believe that everything happens for a reason. Maybe I’ve lived a life filled with fear so that I had to study and research ways to help myself find tools to Raise My Fear Threshold.

My List of Traumas Grows

Many of you know the story of my first dressage horse, Happenstance, who was a hot thoroughbred off the track. To make a long story short, when I started competing him, I was so nervous, I couldn’t sleep the night before shows. And I was literally sick to my stomach. (I’m surprised they didn’t charge me rent considering the amount of time I spent in the Porta-Potty!)

Competing that horse set me on a decades long path of research! I found that I had to continually add new strategies and coping techniques because my basic fear and insecurity liked to rear its ugly head at the worst possible times.

…Like when the long list of twelve riders for the Barcelona Olympics came out. I looked at that list and could understand why the other 11 horses and riders should be on it. But I couldn’t believe I belonged in that company because of my complete lack of self-confidence.

…Or when Robert Dover’s Federlicht took off with me, and I was hanging on for dear life.

…Or when I got dumped by a young horse and was “crippled” for several weeks.

…Or when I had to put a horse to sleep, and I beat myself up that it was “my bad riding” that created his physical problems.

…Or when I couldn’t relax at a show until I had won at least one class and had “proven” myself.

…Or when my horse tripped and went down on his knees, and I did a face plant in the dirt.

…Or when I hit the 7th decade of my life and panicked that I’d start losing my flexibility, strength, and coordination.

So you see – we all have these fears, the secret is knowing how to control them – rather than to let them control us.

The Specific Techniques You Can Use Right Now, Most From The Comfort Of Your Own Home, To Control Your Fears And Enjoy Fun, Relaxing, Harmonious Rides…

You see, I HAVE learned to cope with my fears, and also taught hundreds of other riders to do this successfully as well – so I know you can too.

As I watched so many riders find relief from their overwhelming fears, using my own unique two-phase approach, I developed the Freedom from Fear program to help as many people as possible get full enjoyment from riding.

The two phases of the program include both mental training strategies as well as actual techniques to use when you ride. And the best part is, you can practice most of the strategies in the comfort of your own home!

Here is just some of what you’ll learn:

  • How to overcome the terror of being out of control or of your horse shying, bucking, rearing, or bolting so you can concentrate on training rather than survival…CD 1 and DVD 1
  • How to NEVER be frozen with fear when you ride alone, jump, or trail ride so you don’t feel like a wimp…CD 2 and DVD 2
  • 3 simple ways to relax and have fun because you know how to effectively squash the fear of getting dumped or badly hurt …CD 1, 2, and DVD 2
  • How to ride like a professional because you know how to restore your confidence after a bad fall or accident…CD 5 and DVD 2
  • How to increase your fear threshold in a few minutes a day at home by at least 200% in as little as 21-28 days…CD 4, 5, and 6
  • A critical way to get relief from fear when “sucking it up” and will power just don’t help…CD 4
  • How to ride like a champion because you know how to manage fear and squash your “fear gremlins” both on and off your horse…CD 1, 3 and DVD 2, 3
  • A simple tip to make your horse pay attention to you instead of everything else around him that I learned from 6-time Olympian, Robert Dover. …CD 2
  • How to feel safe when your horse shies, bolts, bucks, or rears…CD 1 and 2
  • Discover why it doesn’t matter that you’re getting older or have taken a long break from riding…CD3, CD 6 and DVD 2
  • Learn not to feel like the “gutless wonder” when you ride unfamiliar or unpredictable horses because you’re worried that you can’t handle what they might do…CD 1 and DVD 1
  • How to ride with pride because you know how to stop that inner voice that says you’re just not good enough or that people are laughing at you …CD 4 and DVD 2
  • Two simple techniques to stop you from worrying you’re ruining your horse and don’t deserve him…CD 6 and DVD 2
  • How to ride as well in public as you do when you’re alone because you know how to block out the fear that people are criticizing you…CD 3
  • How to avoid the embarrassment that you’ll having a “brain fart” at a show and blank out and forget your jump course, test, or reining pattern by learning to program your subconscious mind…CD 4

To see and hear how quick and simple these techniques are, watch this short video on breathing, anchoring, and scanning.


You’ve been asking lots of questions about Freedom From Fear so I’m going to answer some of them here.

Q. Do I need to know the cause of my fears to get help?
A. No. The techniques work even if you feel anxious or afraid for no apparent reason.

Q. I’ve tried some of these techniques like visualization before, and they haven’t worked for me. Why would they work now?
A. Sometimes there’s just one tiny missing link (like filling in details, including emotion, or involving your senses) that can make all the difference in the world between whether or not visualization works for you.

Q. Will I have to go back and relive the trauma of my accident?
A. No. We’ll be going forward with solutions rather than delving backwards into history.

Q. What if I find some of the strategies hard to do?
A. Remember that this is a buffet. You don’t need to eat everything! Just choose the tools that resonate with you.

Q. I think I’m hopeless. What if nothing works for me?
A. The point of the “buffet” approach is to show you that there are so many resources and techniques out there for you. You’re never at the end of your rope.

Q. Will I have to do everything right away to get relief from my fears?
A. Absolutely not. Pick your favorite strategy, and eat the elephant one bite at a time.

Q. What’s the best time of day to practice?
A. First thing in the morning or just before you go to sleep are great times to practice. But you can intersperse many of the tools throughout your day. It’s easy, for example, to use Power Talk anytime.

Q. But I’m so busy. I don’t think I’ll have time to be consistent.
A. Depending on the technique you choose to start with, you can spend as little as 4 minutes a day up to 20 minutes. I’m sure you’d agree that spending a few minutes a day is not a very long time to shrink the fears that have haunted you for years. You’re worth investing in yourself, your own well-being, and your peace of mind.

Q. How often will I have to use the techniques?
A. Persistence is the key to success. Make a commitment to use at least one technique for 21-28 days. It takes that long to change old habits. But, if you put out the effort, you will get relief.

Q. Is this program just for novice riders?
A. Everyone has fear. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or an Olympian. Horses are big and unpredictable. Plus, if you’re growing, changing, moving out of your comfort zone, or had a traumatic fall or injury, it’s inevitable that you’d have some fears.

Q. Can I use the strategies and techniques in other areas of my life besides riding?
A. Absolutely. You’ll find that many of the techniques work perfectly in other areas of your life like your career, personal relationships, health, and finances. Suck every last drop out of the program!

Q. What if I want to do more in-depth study of some of the techniques like Clicker Training, the Emotional Freedom Technique, the Swish Pattern, or the “Rewind” Technique?
A. I give you resources and websites so you can do more research.

In Freedom From Fear, I’ll share with you the tools and techniques I’ve used to help me. I’ve laid them out for you as a bountiful buffet. You can pick and choose whatever appeals to you.

For example, click the screen below to watch how you can Ride Proactively with a simple technique I call, “Sing or Speak” (S.O.S.)

Here are just some of the tips and secrets I’ve discovered and want to share with you:

  • How to Ride Proactively to prevent shying, spooking, bolting, bucking, or rearing.
  • Use the “Rewind”Technique to erase past trauma.
  • Learn to use Anchors so you can relax in an instant.
  • How to use your body language to instantly get out of a fear state.
  • How two simple techniques can instantly help you become more courageous.
  • 3 Ways I’ve discovered to use The Emotional Freedom Technique to quickly clear out negative emotions even before I get on my horse.
  • The tools you need in your toolbox if your horse actually does shy, rear, buck or bolt.
  • Learn Coping Rehearsal so you automatically make the right corrections when things go wrong.
  • A relaxation technique you can use in public, and no one knows you’re doing it!
  • How to interrupt your pattern of fear with The Swish Pattern, Neuro-Associative Conditioning, and Thought Stopping.
  • How to raise your fear threshold through the “Advance and Retreat” technique.
  • A little known way to use the Law of Attraction to create a brave new you.
  • Use Progressive Relaxation and scanning to relax while you ride.
  • Tame the “fear gremlins” so they don’t dictate your every move.
  • Learn the “As If” Principle so you can ride like you’re an Olympian.
  • Learn how to banish fear by asking power questions.
  • A unique way to use Guided Imagery to help you stay relaxed.
  • How you can use visualization to permanently change the “software” in your mental computer.
  • Use Perfect Practice to program your mind so you ride like a professional.
  • Management tips that prevent your horse from being overly fresh.
  • Safety Equipment that I highly recommend.
  • How to use clicker training so your horse is obedient under saddle.
  • Discover a resource called Be Set Free Fast that automatically instructs your mind to do whatever you want.

…And much more!

I’ve developed these powerful methods and techniques for you, and seen them work quickly and easily with hundreds of riders just like you and me. Why not have them work for you too?

But Don’t Take My Word For it…

I know I’ve told you a lot about what’s in Freedom From Fear, and naturally you might think I’m biased.

Well, of course, I totally believe in this program so I might just be. But take a quick look at what regular people from all over the world have said about the great results they got from using the techniques you’ll learn when you get the program too:

I would like to thank you for the wonderful job in creating the “Freedom from Fear” program. It has been very useful to reduce my anxiety when competing almost to nothingness! When you said the phrase “I’m a poised and elegant competitor”, I had goosebumps. That’s exactly what I wanted to look like. And guess what? I kept repeating and feeling poised and elegant for those few days before the show. I then scored second in my category (62.60%) and third in the regional placement! Most important of all, I felt good. IT felt good. My trainer congratulated on me because I could handle my beautiful stallion even though he was very nervous that morning. It felt like I could help him stay focused and pay little attention to the environment.
Michela Mannoia, Italy

Thank you for the information about EFT. I am 58 years old and she is 5. We are ready to address canter work, but I’ve been making every excuse in the book to avoid it. After only 10 days of practicing EFT, we canter on a loose rein and trail ride without a bit of tension or fear. What a gift for us both!
Geraldine Davidson, Cave Junction, Oregon

I practiced Power Talk all last night and today before I got on. And guess what? I had a lovely ride with my horse jumping and spooking but me NOT caring! And now we’re out competing at elementary level and even with mistakes, we still come first! Theo’s confidence is increasing each day and when scary things happen, he listens and lets me look after him.
Julie Rankin, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

The idea of “Perfect Practice” using visualization struck such a chord. This weekend I cantered for the first time. It was such an amazing experience for my 55-year-old body. Can’t wait to ride again tomorrow!
Diane Morgan, Cypress, Texas

I feel like I went to Oz and got Courage! Thank you!
Cynthia D’Aquino, NYC, NY

You’ve helped me with my 5-year-old who was extremely sharp. I had lost my confidence completely! I took on your steps to overcome fear, and now we walk, trot, canter, and hack out. Many thanks for giving me the confidence to ride again and bring joy back into my life.
Norma Scott, West Midlands, UK

Your techniques helped me raise my level of awareness sooner rather than later. Then with some clever ‘thought stopping’, I could zap the negative energy with electricity and a monsoon downpour to wash it away. My visualization practice made it all so real and effective…Then when it came down to a ride in the mountains, I had loads of confidence, felt relaxed, and was full of gratitude for my blessings rather than giving in to fears and self-doubt.
Connie Funk, Mount Vernon, Washington

I used EFT yesterday. I woke up feeling sick with butterflies about getting up to go ride. After I tapped, I did (Advance and Retreat). I told myself I would only ride for 5 minutes. If that went well, I’d do another 5 minutes. Each 5 minutes stretched to another until we had done 45 minutes! Is this a miracle? Am I cured? Was it the ” Stay in the Moment” tips or the EFT taps? I don’t know, but I feel like I’m on the road to recovery. Hurray!
Carolyn Jenkinson, Dorset, England

I just wanted to drop a line to let you know that your techniques for managing fear are greatly helping me to overcome the 57ish fears that grip us ladies who start this sport late in life.
Connie Stockwell, Cairo, Georgia

I started “Riding Proactively” by using the suppling technique to relax my nervous horse. It works like a charm! But what I also learned is that I have become keenly aware of whenever he isn’t TOTALLY relaxed. I’ve learned to feel when he STARTS to get tense. So I supple him before it escalates, and he immediately goes back to being totally relaxed.
CJ Largay, Mebane, NC

I get really nervous riding in the indoor arena when the snow slides off the roof. I tried EFT on my fear. When I rode my horse he did rear slightly when a huge chunk of snow slid off, but I just got to work. It didn’t dawn on me until later that I wasn’t nervous during all of that. Very cool stuff indeed!
Betsy Novotny, Annapolis, MD

Last weekend my horse and I won our first dressage test. I laughed when I saw one of the photographs. There I was doing that deep breathing that puts you down into the saddle. The halt was lovely!
Sybil Theodore, Bolinda, Australia

I went to a horse trial this past weekend and used several of your techniques. The result was fabulous! After my test, the photographer told my husband that I was the only person she saw smile all day! Because I was calm and relaxed, my horse was too! At another event in June, the air conditioning wasn’t working in our hotel room so I spent my sleepless night visualizing both my dressage test and my cross-country course. After a night of several PERFECT rounds we had our first CLEAR cross country course at this level! We also had our lowest dressage score ever (28.9). At my next show I had another sleepless night due to a deflating air mattress so I visualized leaving the start box and going to the first fence (a trouble spot for us!). Again, we were successful!
Megan Corbett, Thompson’s Station, TN

Your teachings have been the wind beneath my sails! I went from being inexperienced and nervous to being competent and confident.
Helene Juice, Honeoye Falls, NY

Thanks you for your help with EFT for overcoming my fear of cantering. Tonight my Fjord horse and I cantered with confidence for the first time even though it was VERY windy, and he was somewhat jumpier that usual. We cantered several times and even on the right lead.
Laurie With, Plymouth. MN

I am blessed with a very fine horse and excellent trainer. But your methods of mental preparation have allowed me to take advantage of those blessings. I’ve only been to 4 shows and have 3 blue ribbons, 2 championships, and a Top 5 in Half Arabian Western Pleasure AHA Regionals.
Ange Finn, Houston, TX

You give lots of hope and excellent coping strategies to all of us middle-aged riders who may not be so perfect, have the perfect horse, and are held back by FEAR. Thank you!
Shirley Cepero, Middle Island, NY

At a time when I thought I had no hope of moving past mental blocks and anxieties with my riding, I tried EFT. After a few sessions, I have been able to move forward with much excitement and confidence, not only in my riding, but also in every aspect of my life
Josephine Brencic, Chesterland, Ohio

I just wanted to thank you for helping me win in my first dressage show. I won two blue ribbons and was high-point rider at the lunch break. Oh, how nice to be so relaxed and confident!
Rebecca Larson, Valley Center, CA

I didn’t know it was normal to feel fear. I fight my fears every day. I always felt that I was alone in this and that would make me feel worse. Thank you for showing me how to deal with it.
R.S., Australia

I’ve had fear issues as a rider for the past 15 years. I can’t explain why, except that I was surrounded by a number of people who kept telling me what I COULDN’T do. It got so bad at one point that I would get sick just thinking about going out to the barn and riding my horse. Well, I started using a lot of your techniques. Long story short; my “Non-traditional dressage horse” (I own and compete on a 15.1H Morgan mare) showed in Training Level this year. We finished with 12 year-end awards, including 5 from our state dressage club, 5 from our state Morgan club, 1 from the USEF and 1 from the USDF.
Erica Leipus, Indianapolis, IN

I just wanted you to know how much your mental conditioning techniques have helped my students and me. I can honestly say you have helped put the joy back into riding and teaching for me.
Rachel Fitzmorris, Newfoundland, Pennsylvania

I used to be a bundle of nerves and negative thoughts. You changed my stinkin’ thinkin’, and now we’re riding First Level with confidence!
B.K. Jupiter, Fl

Thanks for introducing me to EFT. I have been tapping ever since and can’t believe the difference in my riding. My horse believes me now when I say we have to go more forward and stay round! It’s great stuff!
Mardee Rochelle, Upper Marlboro, MD

Your life lessons have inspired me to live my life with additional zest, enthusiasm and to be brave enough to take some risks.
Mel McLaren, Plainfield, VT

I’ve been a Law of Attraction practitioner for years and have secretly yearned to one day be worthy of writing the book ‘The Law of Attraction and Dressage’. Good for you for linking those concepts for those willing to listen.
Coralie Hughes, Coatesville, IN

I used the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) before and during my last show. I was so much more calm and able to concentrate. My scores were great!
Marylyn Cahn, Bossier City, Louisana

I’m a psychotherapist who specializes in trauma work, and I use visualization a tremendous amount in that context. When I bring it to the riding arena, I can say that without exception that those are the times I’ve truly gotten in sync with my horse.
Billie Hinton, Moncure, NC

Since I’ve learned how to use EFT to tap away my anxiety and emotional pain, my relationship with my horse is growing and our training is developing into the most satisfying experience ever!
H.J., England

But … This program is not for everyone — Is it for you? …

As great as this program is, and as much as I want to help everyone, this program may not be for you, if:

  • You’re not sincere about proactively looking for solutions to relieve yourself of fear paralysis; or
  • You already have a great relationship with your horse and are doing everything you want to do without fear now; or
  • If you don’t enjoy learning from CDs and DVDs.

But, if you’re really committed to squashing your “fear gremlins”, I’ve got a special offer that you’ll want to be sure to take advantage of…

Let’s Summarize Everything You Get When You Claim Your Copy of “Freedom From Fear”…

Now that you’ve got a sense of how the program will help you experience “Freedom From Fear” and fully enjoy riding your horse, let me share with you everything you get with your copy of this unique program…


Freedom From Fear Core Package, including the following 6CDs and 2DVDs:


CD 1, which includes:

  • Fear is Future Thinking-Learn to Stay in the Moment
  • Smart Management-Learn sound practices to take the edge off your horse and stay safe
  • Clicker Training-Motivate your horse to want to work with you.
  • Strategies for handling shying, bucking, rearing, nappiness, and bolting


CD 2, which includes:

  • Raise Your Fear Threshold-How to increase the size of your comfort zone
  • Advance and Retreat-How to eat an elephant—one bite at a time.
  • Ride Proactively rather than as a victim-Learn to foresee problems and prevent them from escalating into a dangerous situation.
  • Helping the Spooky Horse Feel More Secure
  • The “Valium” Exercise-Suppling
  • Half Halts for Attention


CD 3, which includes:

  • Interrupt Your Fear Pattern-How to stop the downward slide into a fear state
  • Swish Pattern-Replace the “old” fearful you with a new, confident you in just 2 seconds!
  • Neuro-Associative Conditioning-Replace negative emotions with courage and confidence
  • Thought Stopping-How to nip negative thoughts in the bud
  • The “Rewind” Technique-Rewrite your history to overcome past trauma.
  • The Physiology of Courage-Learn how body language creates both good and bad emotional states.


CD 4, which includes:

  • The Subconscious Mind-How it works and how to program it to work for you
  • Vivid Visualization-Add the “missing links” for truly effective visualization
  • Autohypnosis-A simple system to quickly achieve a deeply relaxed state
  • Guided Imagery-“See” yourself as a confident, brave rider so it becomes your new reality.


CD 5, which includes:

  • Anchoring-Your shortcut to feeling powerful and brave
  • The Brain Wave/Emotion Connection-How to easily get out of a negative Beta state into a relaxed Alpha state.
  • Relax at the Beach-Create a scenario of utter peace and calm that you can conjure up instantly.
  • Progressive Relaxation-Learn this relaxation technique and then anchor a feeling of deep relaxation with a specific cue phrase.
  • Autogenic relaxation-Learn this passive relaxation process that you can do anywhere, and no one will know you’re doing it.


CD 6, which includes:

  • The Law of Attraction-Discover how to easily change the frequency of your vibrational state so you attract what you want into your life.
  • Power Talk-A dynamic way of using self-talk to program your mind
  • The Emotional Freedom Technique-Use this unique energy therapy to clear out negative emotions quickly and easily.
  • Be Set Free Fast-An introduction to an additional resource that instructs your subconscious mind to do whatever you ask—just like a genie in the bottle!


DVD 1-Clicker Training

  • How to introduce your horse to the clicker in 5 minutes/day in the barn.
  • Target training-Teach your horse to “problem solve”.
  • Use the clicker while riding to reward and encourage positive behavior.


DVD 2-The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

  • Why does EFT work?
  • How to do EFT
  • Demonstration of EFT to reduce fear of cantering
  • Demonstration of EFT to reduce fear of being out of control
  • Demonstration of EFT to reduce fear of falling off
  • Demonstration of EFT to reduce fear of getting hurt


If I were to teach all this to you in personal coaching sessions, it would require an investment of about $4,000.00 – and even that would be a bargain, because this is the result of 35 years of my personal education, training, development, and experience as both an international competitor for the United States Equestrian Team and a 3-time Olympic Coach.

But because I’ve put it into a cohesive system that is delivered directly to you on CDs and DVDs, you won’t pay anywhere near this price for this valuable information and training.

If you were to try to even scratch the surface of getting some relief from your fears in a sports psychologist’s office, you’d probably end up spending thousands of dollars.

And with this program, you can learn at your convenience in the comfort of your home!

In addition to the core program, you’ll also receive these 3 additional bonuses, valued at over $517.00 for FREE…

My ebook 101 Tips For Riding Your Horse on the Bit. In this ebook, I reveal the secrets that either no one tells you about or can break down in a way you can understand and use on your own.

These are the secrets that make your horse safer to ride because you learn how to put him on the aids so he pays attention to you and not everything else around him.


101_tips2101 Tips For Riding Your Horse on the Bit includes:

  • What does it look and feel like when your horse is on the bit?
  • What are the prerequisites for putting your horse on the bit?
  • What are the aids for putting your horse on the bit?
  • What to do if your horse ignores the aids to come on the bit
  • How to test if your horse is honestly connected
  • Exercises to explain connection to your horse
  • How to keep your horse on the bit during transitions
  • What to do if your horse ducks behind the bit
  • How to start collection

…And much, much more!




Anke Johnson’s Bonus CD on managing The Fear Gremlins-This CD is not available anywhere at any price. This CD covers:

  • Causes of fear
  • Tame the “fear gremlins”
  • Expand your comfort zone
  • Strategies to shrink your fears
  • Roadmap for recovery
  • Ridiculously small no-fail baby steps
  • The “As If” Principle


Plus, when you order today, you’ll receive the following special bonus – This DVD is also not available anywhere at any price.

In my lecture/demonstration on The Law of Attraction and the Emotional Freedom Technique at Women Luv Horses, I show you how to harness the power of these two amazing techniques. I usually charge $300 to give this life-changing lecture, but you’ll get to hear it up close and personal as my gift to you.

It includes:

  • How your energy attracts both positive and negative people, circumstances, and events into your life
  • Watch three people use EFT to drastically reduce or eliminate their fears in 10 minutes.
  • Watch two people use EFT to significantly reduce physical pain.

You get a wealth of strategies, tools and techniques so that you’ll never again be the victim of your fears not only in your riding but also in every other area of your life including your career, relationships, fitness, other sports, or finances.

So here’s everything in a nutshell…

When you order today, you get:

  • Six CDs based on my workshops, seminars, and clinics that teach you mental training techniques as well as riding tools … $3,500 value
  • Two DVDs that teach you how to clear out fear and motivate your horse to want to work for you…$500 value
  • My 100-page ebook that teaches you how to put your horse on the bit and keep him there…$67 value
  • Health Coach Anke Johnson’s insights and approach for taming the “fear gremlins”…$150 value
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