We’re going back to Vermont soon! There are a lot of bunnies in Vermont. As always, I’ll miss my friends in Florida, but I really love the tall grass and cool weather of Vermont. And the bunnies! Yea bunnies!

Jane, Rhett, and I have spent every summer in Vermont for my entire life. You’d think I’d be used to the bi-annual change by now. But I’m always a bit unsettled when we pack up and head north. I have to get used to the different house, weather, and friends. I’m not really scared. I’m just unsettled.

Have you had some unsettling changes in your life lately? Are you expecting some changes to happen soon? It’s our very nature as living beings to be a bit uncomfortable when things change. It can be the fear of the unknown, the stress of changing habits, or stepping outside of our comfort zones.

Knowing that you’re going to feel unsettled is the first step to accepting the change. Allow yourself to feel anxious but know it’s temporary. Humans are the most adaptable of creatures, so you’ll be back in your groove in no time.

I’m going to take my toys to Vermont with me. That gives me something familiar to hang onto to maintain my sense of continuity. Do you have toys that make you feel more settled? Jane says I’m her favorite “toy,” and she will always keep me with her. That made me smile. I know as long as Rhett, Jane, Moshi, and I are together, we’ll feel good wherever we are.

Love, Indy