I have big teeth and strong jaws. I could tear a person apart if I wanted to. But I would never do that. Why? Because I also have a big, loving heart. I would never hurt my people. We’re a pack. We are family.

Being a predator, I have a different kind of mind from Moshi. Jane and Rhett are predators, too. That’s one of the reasons dogs and humans get along so well. We have an established family that depends on each other for our survival. Jane and Rhett provide food and shelter, and I provide protection and love. It’s a cooperative agreement.

Moshi is a prey animal, but he’s learned to trust some predators. He’s not afraid of me or of Jane. His experience with us gives him confidence in his safety. He’s been around humans and dogs since birth, so we’re not a big deal to him. I’ve been around Moshi all my life, so even though he’s more than ten times my size, I’m not afraid of him either.

Are there things you’re afraid of? Having someone you trust to help you can be the key to changing fear into fortune. It’s one of the reasons why it’s a great idea to have a trainer help you with your riding. Someone who’s been there can help you get there, too. Confidence is something you earn by being successful. You can’t just will confidence into being.

Are you confident that you’re going to reach your goals? If not, find someone you trust who can help you get there. A little support can make all the difference.

Love, Indy