The neighbor’s cat was teasing me again today. She said I was a flea riddled, flop eared, rabbit chaser. Jane and Rhett keep me brushed and bathed, so I know I don’t have fleas. I have floppy ears, but that’s normal for my breed. And yes, I do chase rabbits. I’m a dog. That’s what we do! What’s wrong with that?

I know the cat was trying to get a reaction out of me. She was trying to hurt my feelings. What I don’t understand is, WHY? Why does the cat want me to feel bad? What does she get out of causing me to question myself?

I talked to Moshi about it. He said there are folks in the world who feel really badly about themselves, so they project those bad feelings onto others. Rarely will a secure, happy person try to cause another person distress. He told me that what the cat says about me, actually says much more about the cat than it does about me. He suggested that I not engage in the discussion and let the cat know that I’m not interested in playing this unfriendly game. By not engaging, the cat will have to take her need for negative drama elsewhere.

Sometimes you just have to step out of a negative situation. Let the mean girls go. Engaging gets you nowhere. If you’ve done nothing you need to correct or make amends for, let it go. Perpetuating the drama will just continue to hurt your feelings. It’s a no-win situation. Instead, find something positive to put your full attention on. Directing your energies toward upbeat goals is a great way to establish personal boundaries while maintaining your inner peace.

I know I’m a good dog. Jane and Rhett love me a lot. That’s enough for me.

Love, Indy