I caught a ball midair today, right over the pond! When I went into the water, I held tight onto the ball. I got water up my nose, but I didn’t let go! Rhett was proud of me. He laughed when I snorted the pond water out my nose. I took the ball back to him and then shook hard, getting him really wet. Then it was my turn to laugh.

Jane heard the noise and came down to investigate. I guess seeing both Rhett and me soaked with water was pretty funny because she started to laugh too. Rhett stepped into the pond and splashed water at Jane with his hand. She squealed as the cool water hit her. The three of us were giggling so hard we didn’t hear Ruth sneaking up behind us. Ruth had a bucket of water and tossed it on all three of us! I started barking while Jane and Rhett chased Ruth down the hill to the barn. That got Ruth’s corgis excited, so they started chasing us, too. It was a noisy party!

We all got to the barn, panting. It was great fun. I could feel my blood rushing through my veins as I sucked down the warm air. That powerful life force moving through my body felt so good! Jane was still laughing through her gasps for oxygen, leaning on her knees to open her lungs. My friends’ faces were flushed with energy and color. I could tell they felt good.

Exercise is one of the fastest ways to help yourself feel better. No matter what your mood, a good run or a deep, long laugh will lift your spirits like nothing else. Science has proven that regular aerobic exercise is more powerful than antidepressant drugs for anxiety and depression. And it’s cheaper, too!

So, the next time you feel sad or depressed, come on over! I’ll chase you around the pond and ask Ruth to sneak up and throw a bucket of water on you. You’ll feel better in no time!

Love, Indy