I’ve decided I want to learn to dance. I saw a dancing dog on YouTube, and realized I could do that too. Jane is working hard at improving her dance skills, so when I see her practicing in the living room, I join her. I’ve begged her to let me go to the dance studio with her, but so far she’s always gone without me. I think her dance instructor is worried I might outshine him in the Tango. I’m great at the Tango.

Dancing is such great exercise! It doesn’t feel like work at all. I enjoy it so much! Do you? It doesn’t matter if you’re a good dancer or not. Just crank up the music and move your body! It’s good for your heart and your soul. Get your blood moving and your heart pumping! It will help keep you young!

And if you have trouble finding a partner, let me know! I’ll run right over. I’ll bring the red rose stem for our Tango. Thorns removed, of course.

Love, Indy