I’m so glad I’m a dog! I have the perfect life. I have good friends, both human and canine, and even a horse or two. I have a warm place to sleep, places to swim when I get hot, all the food I need, and people to throw balls and sticks for me. Yes, I have the life. And I am grateful.

I really don’t have bad days. It’s just not who I am. But I can tell when my people aren’t feeling happy, and that can make me feel sad. So, I find a stick or a ball and ask my people to play with me. Usually they will, and in no time they’re feeling better. They just can’t feel down when they see how happy I am!

Happiness is more contagious than a cold virus. You just can’t be sad when those around you are happy! Unfortunately, grumpiness can be contagious too. So you have to be extra careful not take on someone else’s grumpiness.

My job in this world is to spread happiness. That’s all I have to do. And I do it VERY well.

What do you spread around? Happiness or grumpiness? It’s good to notice these things. We’re all carriers, whether we know it or not.

See you at the barn! I’ll be the one with the big, toothy grin. I’ll bet I can make you smile, too.

Love, Indy