Jane doesn’t want me chewing up her shoes. At first I was confused, because I kept hearing her say “chewed shoes” and thought that was what she wanted! I could not understand why she seemed unhappy when I was just doing what matched her mind pictures! So… I chewed up more of her shoes, and then started in on Rhett’s shoes, since her mind seemed to be asking me to do just that.

Then one day she handed me a nice rawhide chew stick and I heard her say “chew stick,” with a happy voice. I could see her mind picture of me chewing the stick. I realized I could chew on the stick and Jane would be happy. Then I would be happy, too! She showed me some new shoes in perfect condition and I heard her happy voice.

I got it! Chew stick, happy. New shoes, happy.

Got it!

Let’s go to the barn and see Moshi! And then throw the stick!

Love, Indy