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From Indy - Jane Savoie


I had a dream last night. Jane and Rhett talked about how interesting it was, watching my sleeping body try to run. My physical legs twitched and paddled as I chased rabbits in my dream.

Dreams can be scary, or they can be fun. Mine are usually very enjoyable, and almost always include chasing something. In my dream I’m always faster than the rabbit, but I usually wake up just when I’m about to catch it.

There is another kind of dream. It’s the wish or desire that has not yet been fulfilled. That dream may require some attention to bring to physical reality.

Do you have a dream you’ve not yet realized? What would it take for you to put some effort into that dream?

Today, write down your dream and put it somewhere you will see it often. Then take another piece of paper and write down five things you could do right now to get you closer to that dream.

Do at least one of those things TODAY. You’ll be on your way!

Love, Indy