It was hot today. I’m not nearly as energetic in the heat as I am when it is cold.

So today I slept in. I lounged in the warm sun and let it bake my bones. It felt so good! When it got too hot, I came inside to sleep in my soft bed. It was wonderful.

Figuring out what you want sometimes requires that you pay attention to the opposite. It’s called contrast. If I realize I’m too hot lying in the sun, I go inside. I don’t focus on the heat and complain about how hot it is, I simply recognize that I want something different and make it so…

When I go into the house, I let myself feel grateful for how good the nice cool air feels. I don’t leave my attention out in the hot sun. I enjoy what I have NOW.

Do you ever leave your attention on what you don’t want? Does it serve you in any way?

If you don’t like your NOW, change something. If you do like your now, don’t think about what you didn’t like in your past. Be NOW!

(Yawn!) Right now, I want a NAP!

Your Friend,