I’m Indy the Inspirer! There is a subtle difference between inspiring and motivating. Moshi says motivation is the reason you do something, and inspiration is the birth of the idea that doing something will change how you feel. It’s almost the same thing, but not quite.

I think of inspiring people as my way of stirring up your insides a little bit so you look at things a different way. And since I’m a dog, I want you to look at things they way I do, in the moment and with total acceptance and joy. Moshi is much more serious with his motivations, with specific goals in mind. I just want you to feel happy!

Feeling happy is a choice. All it takes is looking at the bright side. That’s it! If you have a sad story that keeps you sad, just change the story! Find the happy part of it, and tell just that part for awhile. It’s really not hard to do, but it takes determination to not fall back into the habit of telling the sad parts. After all, we get lots of attention from our friends and family when we are sad. But I promise you, even the most loving friends and kindest family will get tired of the sad story if that’s all you tell. And, worst of all, you will attract more sadness in your life.

What would it take to tell your negative, sad story in a different way? Can you find the inspiration to change it to a more positive story instead? Did anything good come from the incident you’re sad about? I’ll bet it’s there if you’re willing to look hard enough. Give it a try, and see what happens!

I’m full of energy and inspired to go for a run. I’m going to take my ball to Jane and see if I can inspire her to go outside for a bit and play in the sun. Would you like to join us? Grab your coat and let’s go!

Love, Indy