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From Indy - Jane Savoie


I won! I won! I beat Moshi in the race! Wow.. that horse is fast. But I’m even faster! I feel so good about myself today! I am a winner! I can feel that excitement in my body and my mind. Jane calls it that winning feeling. She told me to remember how it feels so I can recreate it later. It’s warm and exciting, with a big smile in my heart. I really like it!

I felt bad that Moshi slipped when we made the turn around the short end of the paddock. That little slip on the wet grass gave me the advantage. But Moshi said I won, fair and square, and he is a good sport. He isn’t mad at all that I beat him back to the barn. I sure do admire his attitude. What a great friend.

Some people have the idea that they shouldn’t feel too good about their successes or others won’t like them anymore. Of course there is always the poor sport who might be angry about being beat, but most people are not like that. You SHOULD feel good when you succeed! You SHOULD give yourself credit for your accomplishments! You get more of whatever you concentrate on, so concentrating on your success really and truly does bring you more success! You don’t want to become arrogant or overbearing about it, but feeling good about yourself is not only okay, it’s absolutely necessary if you want to create more.

I feel so good, I think I’ll challenge my friend Geoffrey to a race. He’s pretty fast, so it’s going to be a tough contest. But I’m up for it! I’m going to remember how winning felt, visualize my perfect race, and then give it my very best. If I win, I’ll be very happy! And if I don’t, well, I’ll do my best to be as good a sport as Moshi has shown me a fellow can be. Either way, I still win.

Do you want to come watch? Let’s do it tomorrow! Meet us at the barn and I’ll show you how fast I am!

Love, Indy