I enjoyed hearing from so many of you, with your experiences relating to the story of my new friend who appeared to be a grump on the surface but turned out to be a really nice guy. It sounds like there are a bunch of you who have known folks like this.

There is value in everyone. Sometimes you have to look beyond the surface to find the good stuff, but it’s there. You just have to dig for it sometimes.

It’s like the story of the Buddha statue in Thailand. In the 1930s, a construction project required the dismantling of an old abandoned temple that housed a large plaster statue of Buddha. It was decided to move the statue to a storage building, were it sat for 20 years under a simple tin roof.

In 1955 a new building was built and the monks decided to install the statue inside. A crane was supposed to move the statue carefully, but the statue was much heavier then predicted, causing a cable to break. This dumped the plain, simple statue in the wet mud. This event was seen as a bad omen by the workers, who ran away from the place, leaving the damaged statue in the watery muck. At the dawn of the next day, the abbot of the temple came to evaluate the damage and started removing the mud and plaster, finding beneath the statue’s cracked clay exterior, a five ton statue made of solid gold!!

Turns out, about three hundred years ago, the monks of that old temple heard that the Burmese Army was about to invade. Knowing they were about to be overrun, they covered their precious gold Buddha with plaster to hide what it was made of. The Burmese came but never bothered with the simple plaster statue. No one, for almost three centuries, had any idea there was a priceless gold statue under that cheap plaster!

Some folks are like that, too. You have to get beyond their damaged exterior to find that part underneath made of pure gold.

Let’s go dig for some gold! I’ll check you, and you can check me. Okay? You may like what you find. They don’t call me a “golden” retriever for nothing.. ya know!

Love, Indy