I had the most delicious breakfast today. It was a mixture of dog food and real meat. Yummm! It was so tasty! It was a great way to start the day.

From there I went outside and chased a few bunnies. Then I came back in to sleep away the rest of the hot part of the day. After it cooled down, Rhett and I played catch. It was so much fun!

I have the perfect life. Plenty to eat, people to love and who love me, and a healthy young body.

There are people in the world who don’t have enough. They may be hungry in body or maybe in spirit. They may be rich with stuff but poor in real friendships. They may have just lost everything in a fire or tornado. Or they may be buried in things but very alone in their hearts.

Do you have time to help someone? It doesn’t have to cost you money. Maybe you know someone who is lonely. Maybe you could take a casserole to an elderly neighbor. Perhaps you could donate some old clothes or furniture to a shelter. Consider helping a horse rescue nearby who could use a few hours of your time.

Giving back is one of the ways we build self esteem and character. It’s good for your heart and good for your spirit. It’s also a great way to teach your kids to care about others.

What could you do today to help someone else? Give it a try! You may be helping yourself as well.

I’m going to take some of Moshi’s carrots out for the hungry bunnies. Don’t tell Moshi! It’ll be our little secret.

Love, Indy