The big gray barn cat got in my face today. She told me I was a brat. She swatted at my nose and scratched me bloody! I can’t believe she did that! I was just trying to get her to run so I could chase her, like I do the bunnies. But no.. she said she is much too mature for my silly games.

Silly games! My games aren’t silly! I’m very serious about my games. That really hurt my feelings! I thought about biting that darn cat’s tail right off, but I knew I’d be in trouble if I did. So I walked away.

Moshi told me to let it go and not worry about what that cat thinks. She’s a negative thinker who likes to push other’s buttons, and is never going to be any different. It’s MY choice how I react to her. I have the choice about whether I let her words ruin my day, or whether I’m going to move on to something more productive.

Okay…. as much as I’d like to pay her back for hurting my feelings, I’m going to move on. Moshi and I are going to go find bunnies in the grass for me to chase! I’m glad he’s my friend. He helps me refrain from reacting out of my immediate emotions. When I stop and take a breath before I react, I can make better decisions on how to respond.

If you tend to react before you really think, you may want to learn to take a few breaths before you jump. A moment to reflect may totally change what you do in a situation. It might save you from having to fix the damage your initial response may have caused. Counting to ten may sound like a cliche’, but it really does work.

Moshi did a great job distracting me from my anger at the cat. Had I actually chased her and bit off her tail, I’d probably be banished from the barn for life. That would make me incredibly sad. So now, I just give her a wide berth. I don’t need her approval, and I don’t need to upset myself by hanging around with a stinkin’ thinker.

Are there any stinkin’ thinkers at your barn? Let ’em go. Don’t get involved. They do nothing but drag you down, and might even get you in trouble some day. Find the positive, uplifting people and hang out with them! Better yet, be one of those people!

Attitudes are very contagious. What are you spreading around?

Love, Indy