I’m so excited to get to visit my friends back in Florida! It’s been a long summer without them. The cat isn’t nearly as much fun as my Florida barn friends! Besides, in Florida, we have a POOL!

Do you like to swim? I love it. It’s terrific exercise. Some of my friends were afraid of the water, but we helped them get over it. Dogs are natural swimmers, so all they needed was some gentle, friendly support.

Is there something you’d like to do, but you’re afraid to try? Sometimes all you need is a friend’s helping hand. Knowing someone is there to help keep you safe can make all the difference in the world.

Would you do that thing you’re afraid of if someone was there to support you? Can you be that support to someone else?

We’re all in this life together. No one is truly alone. If you need help, or can offer help, look around you and see how you can participate.You get back out of life whatever you put into it. Maybe now is the time to take that big jump into the pool!

Come on! Let’s go swimming! Bring along a tennis ball to throw. PLEASE!!!!

Love, Indy