I’m so happy to be back in Vermont! It’s cool here with lots and lots of BUNNIES! I miss my swimming pool in Florida, but I’ve got wonderful ponds and streams all around where I can swim and play. Sometimes, Rhett lets me go with him when he visits other farms so I get to visit lots of my old friends. Vermont is a very happy place!

Moshi asked me what my goals are for the summer. I reminded him that my job is to keep Jane and Rhett company, warn them of danger, and love them with all my heart. So my goal is to help create a happy and safe family. It’s what I was born to do. It’s a very important job.

Being happy didn’t sound like much of a goal to Moshi. I reminded him that it’s actually the biggest, most important goal of all! Moshi is happiest working hard and achieving excellence in dressage. Jane is happy sharing her training and teaching skills with lots and lots of people. Rhett is happy creating top quality videos at shows and for Jane’s programs. I’m happiest chasing bunnies and tennis balls and snuggling with Jane.

Happiness is a rather vague goal, but it’s an important one. Have you given it much thought?

What jazzes you? What inspires you? What makes you feel joyful and alive? Are you spending time doing things that fill your soul? Or are you just plugging along trying to get through the day?

This week, make happiness one of your goals. Spend some time pondering those things that fill your heart and soul. Make those activities a priority. Give yourself the gift of joy. You deserve it!

Love, Indy