Dogs and cats aren’t supposed to get along. I suppose in the wild we’d be competing for food, and that might make us enemies. But I love cats. Some of my best friends are cats.

My dog friend Stubbs, told me I was stupid for liking cats. That really hurt my feelings. For a couple of days I stopped saying “Hi” to the barn kitties, trying to be more like other dogs. I even chased the old gray tabby across the driveway and up a tree. Tabby was surprised and hurt that I would do that. I was secretly ashamed, but I wanted Stubbs to think I was as tough as he was.

Jane took me aside and asked what was going on. She knew I liked cats and couldn’t figure out why my behavior toward them had changed. I put on a mean face and told her I was a wolf that ate cats for lunch. Then I growled my deepest wolf-growl. She paused, staring me in the eyes, and then started to laugh. That made me laugh too. I realized I was being ridiculous. Jane told me I could pretend to be a wolf if I wanted to but asked me not to lose who I really was. She loved me for ME, not who Stubbs thought I should be.

Laughter is a great way to diffuse a tense situation. If you can find the humor in a conflict or upsetting event, you’ll completely change the energy around it. Laughing releases tension in your body as well as your mind. Laughter truly is the best medicine, especially if you can laugh at yourself. Give it a try!

Love, Indy