Geoffrey got banned from the barn. I’m so sad! He was being really aggressive with the other dogs, and refused to behave. After several warnings, the barn manager told him his behavior had become too disruptive and he was no longer welcome. I really miss him!

I’ve always known Geoffrey was a trouble maker, but that’s one of the reasons I enjoyed him so much. He’d push me beyond my fears and my limits. He was very exciting. But I also saw that pushing that envelope of respectful behavior caused problems for other dogs and our people. Sometimes Geoffrey would refuse to stop barking, which upset the horses too. That was simply not okay, and now he is banned.

Have you ever done things you knew were wrong? Everyone does as some point. Why do we do that? Is it the excitement of being “bad”? Is it a way to prove that no one is controlling us? Are we just looking for a reaction so we get some attention? Maybe it’s a combination of all of those.

I sometimes do things I shouldn’t do, but then I feel guilty. It’s not so much that I get caught or get punished. It’s knowing inside that rules are there for a reason, and I’ve caused others a problem by ignoring the ramifications of my actions. I feel guilty because I know things would go much better for everyone, including me, if the rules were followed.

I don’t ever want to be banned from the barn, so I’ve made a commitment to behave myself. Jazz and I made a pact that we would be good examples for everyone else. It may be too late for Geoffrey, but I can still prove to Jane and the barn manager that I can set a good example.

How about you? Are you a good example? Do you take the time to examine the reason for those rules?

Meet me at the barn and I’ll show you where the tennis balls are buried! But remember, don’t bark at the horses or you’ll have to leave. And that would be very sad.

Love, Indy