ALIENS! Aliens invaded my swimming pool! They were small, feathery, noisy things that flew RIGHT INTO MY POOL! They squawked and honked, scaring me out of my wits! I’d seen them in the sky before but never so close up. I was out numbered or I’d have chased them away. Yessir, I surely would have!

Jane showed up with a camera and laughed as she took pictures of me and the aliens. She reassured me that I was absolutely safe, and that these were just migrating duck aliens on their way to the Everglades. They weren’t dangerous, they just stopped by our swimming pool to rest and get a drink.

When I heard Jane’s soothing voice and saw her relaxed manner, I knew I was okay. She’s a good leader who would never put me in harm’s way. Once I knew she wasn’t concerned, I was also not concerned. I trust her.

Isn’t it funny how scared we get when we don’t understand something? How about you? Have you ever been scared because something was new or you didn’t understand? Then later it seemed silly that you were afraid at all. That happens all the time. So remember, if you’re afraid, it probably means you just don’t have enough information yet. It’s okay to be cautious. Just do your best to learn more.

But if you DO see aliens in your swimming pool, I hope you’ll stay away until you’re absolutely sure they came in peace! I’d sure hate to see you turned into a green-skinned pod person. YIKES!

Love, Indy