Sometimes I get tired and don’t feel inspired to work.

Do you have days like that? I’ll bet you do. And it’s totally okay to take some downtime to recharge.

It’s like that old story about the lumberjack hacking away at a tree stump with a dull axe. Each hack at the trunk made a little dent, but the axe was so dull it didn’t bite into the wood. As dusk approached, the fellow’s wife came out to see what was taking so long. She handed her husband a canteen of cool water and took the axe from him. While he drank, she went into the shed, turned on the grinding wheel, and sharpened the axe to a fine edge. She then took the axe back to her husband, retrieved the canteen, and returned to the house without a word. The lumberjack went back to work with the sharpened axe. In minutes, he chopped through the stump.

Have you sharpened your axe lately? It might be that you need more sleep or a vacation. It might be that you need a massage or some pampering to recharge your body and mind. Whatever it is that “sharpens your axe,” give that gift to yourself. All of your projects, goals, and obligations will wait. They’ll be easier to complete, and you’ll have better results if you’re feeling your “sharpest’ best.

Jane gave me two days off to rest and recover from our very intense training. Now I feel physically recharged and mentally renewed! I’m ready for that big show next weekend! Let’s DO this!

Love, Moshi