What inspires you? A beautiful painting? Lovely music? Gorgeous scenery? A perfectly performed dressage test?

I’m inspired by physical comforts. I enjoy being brushed, eating carrots, and napping in deep, soft shavings. I’m also inspired by a job well done. Jane lets me know with her tone of voice and stroke down my long neck when I’ve performed well. That makes me warm and satisfied inside.

Finding inspiration can be difficult if you’re in a rut. Being in a rut means you’re stuck, and you can’t see out. So if you’re lacking vision to see out, perhaps it’s time to look within. Look inside and remind yourself of times in your past when you were excited about something. Is that emotional charge still there? What was it about that time that inspired you? What was going on in your life?

Once you’ve rekindled the feeling within, then it’s time to look outside of yourself and discover new ways to inspire that same excitement. Perhaps you need a new hobby or a new career. It could be time for a change of scenery. Whatever it is, know that inspiration is everywhere. You just need to look for it.

I’m enjoying the cool weather of Vermont. That inspires me to be playful in my turnout. Would you like to join me? I’ll chase you, and then you chase me! Then we’ll eat carrots. I promise to share.

Love, Moshi