What do you value? Is it money? Is it fame? Is it blue ribbons?

What you value will change throughout your life. When you look back at your past, you’ll probably wonder why certain things were so important to you. Ideas such as physical beauty and riches often lose their luster as they are slowly replaced with the broader concepts of fulfilling relationships and positive life purpose.

So, what jazzes you? What brings you fulfillment at this point in your life? When focusing on the next goals you’d like to achieve, what’s your criteria? Having an idea of what is fulfilling to your soul at this stage of your life is very important when figuring out what direction to take next.

There is no wrong answer. But there are some answers that fulfill your current internal needs more than others. Having a goal of more money, becoming more beautiful, improving your health, or increasing your riding skills are all valid goals. So are goals of being kinder to others, taking on an important social cause, or helping someone in need. Just be sure the goals you choose are filling that space in your heart where value fulfillment is missing.

My goal is to perfect my canter pirouettes. I can already do them well, but I’d like to bend with as much flexibility to the right as to the left. Jane is helping me reach that goal. I also have a goal of compiling these messages into a book. Many people have suggested it. Hearing that people enjoy reading my words creates wonderful value fulfillment for my inner being. Thank you for the encouragement! Your kind notes make ME smile!

Love, Moshi