A winning attitude isn’t hard to achieve, but it does take some effort. For some reason, many people find it easier to wallow in negativity than to make the effort to turn things around and be positive. Horses aren’t like that. We don’t think about the past or the future. We just live now.

I’ve noticed Jane using the tools she’s learned and developed over the years to change her attitude. You see, even Jane has bad days. But she doesn’t stay in a bad place. She’s learned how to consciously change her thinking, and, therefore, change her experience.

One of Jane’s most powerful tools is deciding to have an attitude of gratitude. She’ll tell me how much she appreciates me, my soft coat, my powerful muscles, my long, pretty mane, and my work ethic. She’ll go on and on about how good my tempi changes are, and how wonderfully my piaffe is developing. Even when I make a mistake, she’ll tell me how grateful she is that I willingly try my best. Yes, gratitude is the fastest way to turn a bad day into a great day.

So today, look for things to be grateful for. It doesn’t matter if they’re big things or small (like the fact that you’re breathing!). Just pay attention to all the good stuff in your life. There’s no faster way to turn that frown upside down than developing a sense of gratitude!

Now get to the barn! Your horse is grateful for your attention!

Your friend, Moshi