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From Moshi - Jane Savoie


Spring is here! I love this time of year. The grass is so tasty and green. It’s hard to imagine that my friends in the southern hemisphere are just now starting their fall season. The earth sure is an interesting place to live!

I’ve heard it said that all things have a season. Jane told a friend that there was a period or “season” in her young life when all she wanted to do was jump. She thought dressage was boring. She loved the sensation of the wind in her face and the challenge of higher and higher jumps. At the time she had a horse who was entering the “fall season” of his own life, and had to slow down and not jump anymore. That is why Jane started getting serious about dressage. It was for her horse’s sake at first, but then she found new inspiration, and dressage became her passion.

Sometimes, when we are moving through the autumn of our lives, we slow down a bit. We find that we don’t take the same kind of risks, or want the same kind of challenges. This is natural for all living being. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just the perfect cycle of our physical existence.

If you’ve slowed down a little, don’t be mad or sad about it. Just know that these changes are natural. With age truly does come wisdom, so allow yourself to recognize the payoff you’ve received in those years you’ve seen go by. Finding a new passion in the new season of your life is key to remaining happy.

What do you feel passionate about? Do just a little of that, today!

Love, Moshi