Photo credit for Moshi’s pic to Liz Ritz Photography

Dressage riders tend to be a very driven group of folks. It’s such a demanding sport, it’s natural that it attracts Type A personalities. It takes a real work ethic to be good at something this challenging, so those who get into the competitive part of the sport tend to over do much more than under do. Jane and most of her friends and students work very hard and have a difficult time taking time to just RELAX!

I’m not like that at all. Being a Friesian, it is natural for me to be fairly laid back. Sure, I get excited sometimes, but for the most part being quiet and easy going is natural for me. My gift to Jane is reminding her that someone can be relaxed and go with the flow of life, and still be very successful.

There is a time for work, and there is a time for play. There is a time to be driven and give it all you have, and, there is the time for rest and recharging.

If you’re feeling tired or burned out, perhaps it’s time to do something different. Maybe today is the day to go to bed early, and perhaps even sleep in. Or maybe just sitting on the back patio and watching the sun go down while listening to some soothing music is the best thing to help you to recharge.

Remember, if you try to cut down a tree with a dull saw, it will take forever. If you stop and sharpen the saw, you will cut it down in no time. Rest is the same as sharpening your own personal saw. Stop. Take a break. You’ll be better at what you do, and happier doing it, for spending the time to recharge.

I’m going to go rest in the warm sun. Would you like to join me?

Love, Moshi