What makes the difference between success and failure? Not reaching your goal is often as simple a matter as giving up too soon.

I’ve seen this over and over in dressage competition. Someone has a bad day in the ring, and they give up in frustration. They get so upset they scratch from the rest of their classes. It may have been a simple mistake, or a forgotten element, or a skill that wasn’t quite ready to be performed for a judge. The fix might be one tiny tweak. But the experience of failing makes some people throw in the towel.

Toughness in the face of adversity is one of the most valuable assets you can cultivate. If you’re not naturally brave or in the habit of pushing through the discomfort of “failure,” you can change this. All you have to do is DECIDE to change. Decide that nothing is going to stop you from your goal! No matter what it is–business, relationships, riding, showing. Make the decision that you’re going to use mistakes and setbacks as your roadmap to success!

Remember…You have to risk failure in order to succeed!

I’m going to race Indy today. He’s beat me before, so I’ve been practicing. I’m faster than ever! My goal is to beat him to the end of the fence, and today just might be my day! Do you want to watch? See you at the barn! Bring carrots for the winner, okay?

Love, Moshi