I really like my barn. It’s so cool with it’s screened-in porch and big air fans. The floor is a cushy rubber brick that absorbs the impact of my steps. There’s a beautiful bowl fountain with an eagle sculpture in the center that’s always full of clean, cool water. I appreciate how spotless the barn folks keep the place, too!

I appreciate that I am fed good quality food on a regular basis. I never go hungry. My water is always full and crystal clean. When I have turn out, I have delicious, fresh green grass to eat.

I also appreciate how much the people around me care about me. I care about them too. Jane, Rhett, the barn folks, even Indy, make my life interesting and worthwhile.

So, what do you appreciate today? I know there are things you’d rather were different, but forget about those for a while. What’s GOOD in your life RIGHT NOW? What situations, people, horses, dogs, experiences, and surroundings can you feel appreciation for today?

Did you know that a feeling of gratitude or appreciation is the HIGHEST vibrating emotion you can feel? It’s even higher than love!

So, if you want to feel good, or even just a little bit better than you feel now, all you have to do is think about something you appreciate. That’s it! Easy as pie. You can do it!

I appreciate YOU today! Thank you for reading my Motivations from Moshi. I like sharing my thoughts with you. Your wonderful feedback makes me feel appreciated. And that feels great!

Love, Moshi