I love to sleep in the sun. There is something delicious about the gentle warmth on my fluffy coat. It’s like being lovingly hugged by Nature. I get drowsy just thinking about it.

There is a time for resting, a time for playing, and a time for working. The life of a companion dog has a pretty appealing balance of all three. I’ve noticed that people don’t have that kind of balance built into their daily lives. They have to plan balance, or most people end up working all the time.

One of my jobs is to remind Jane and Rhett to take a break. Playing with me gives them a physically active break, and watching me bask in the warm sun reminds them to slow down and rest now and then. Of course, I have to get their attention directed away from their work, but that’s MY work. If I have to, I’ll march into their office and create enough of a ruckus to force them to stop what they’re doing and take me for a walk, or go outside and throw the ball. I know the interruption might frustrate them a little, but I also know that taking a break is every bit as important as the focused work.

Are you focused on your job? Do you have the opportunity to take a break? When you do, go do something physical. If you’re in an office, go for a walk outside, or at least up and down the hallway. If you’re lucky enough to work out of your house, and you have a dog, perhaps it’s time to go for a walk! It will do your body and your mind good.

Finding balance can be difficult. But if you give the concept a little bit of your attention, you might find that you can improve your mental and physical health in ways that will make a big difference for your overall well-being.

I hear Jane typing away in the office. It’s been too long since she took a break! I’m going to take her my tennis ball and ask her to stop what she’s doing, follow me to the back yard to throw it for me. I’ll just have to pester her until she agrees. After all, that’s my job! And I take my job seriously.

Love, Indy