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From Indy Issue 68 - Jane Savoie

I’m a tease. I confess. I love to play hide and seek. I get a big kick out of taking things away from my friends and then encouraging them to chase me. It’s a lot of fun! My friends get it that it’s just a game. They do the same with me. Sometimes I’m the chaser, and sometimes I’m the chasee…

Having fun is very important to me. I play hard, love hard, sleep hard. I take my lack of seriousness very seriously. I’m the embodiment of joy that spreads throughout my family. I’m the happy face in hard times, the bounding energy when Jane and Rhett are tired, the warm sunshine when the rains come. Unless a lightning storm shows up, I’m a very happy fellow. Spreading happiness is my job. After all, I’m a dog.

When you’re feeling blue, what do you do? Do you crawl into a bottle, hide under the bed, cry yourself to sleep, or pick a fight with someone? Being sad can be a symptom of a lot of different things. You could be in the midst of a disaster, you may have eaten something that you’re subtly allergic to, or you could simply be a victim of a bad habit.

How you think becomes a habit. How you think creates your life. You attract more of whatever you think about, so if you’ve become addicted to the energy of being the victim, you’ll tend to experience yourself as a victim in almost every situation. If you get in the habit of looking at the happy places in your life, you’ll get more of that as well. It all starts and ends with you.

I’m a happy thinker. Even when I’m afraid during a thunderstorm, I focus on being happy that Jane is by my side keeping me safe. And I’m even happier knowing that, thanks to suggestions from our kind readers, she’s ordering me a Thunder Shirt. (www.ThunderShirt.com)

Are you a happy thinker? Your life will be so much happier if you get in the habit of focusing on what is happy in your life, not on what isn’t. It’s the most powerful tool in your mental tool box, but you do have to open the box and take it out. The choice is yours!

I’m going to go find my friend Lola’s toy rubber ring and see if she will play chase with me! Exercise is one of the things that makes me feel happy. What helps you feel happy? I suggest you do more of that!

Love, Indy