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From Indy Issue 76 - Jane Savoie

I’m posting signs all over the neighborhood. “Lost, one stuffed red lobster. Contact Indy.”

The cat won’t tell me where he is. She implies that she knows, but she won’t tell. I’m so frustrated! I tried being nice to her, even gave her one of my dog biscuits, but she just purrs and struts away. I think she enjoys teasing me.

SO… I’m going to have to find him on my own, or let him go. I keep hearing that it doesn’t matter what happens, it only matters how you react to it.

I am not going to let that darn cat ruin even one more day! I’m going to continue my search, and know I’ll be fine whether I find Lobby or not. I’ll do what I can, and then let it go.

The cat made a strange comment this evening. It was like a poem. It may have been a clue. What do you think?

She said,
“Lobby is a friend of red,
who used to live under the bed.
He’s stuffed with white with beads for eyes
And where he is he sees the skies.”

Do you have a guess where Lobby is? Send your guess to ContactJaneSavoie@gmail.com. Perhaps the cat will continue to give me clues each week, and we’ll find it together!

This is Double K Nine, KK9, super agent dog, until next time.

Love, Indy