Jane’s Philosophy

Are You Frustrated?

I’ve taught in almost every state in this country, and no matter where I go, there is one common theme that runs from Training level through Grand Prix. Riders tell me they’re just plain FRUSTRATED.

They’re frustrated because:

  • Trainers tell them what to do but don’t tell them HOW to do it.
  • No one explains things in a CLEAR, step-by-step, easy to understand training system.
  • Training is often a struggle, exhausting, or a tug of war rather than a joyful process that creates a happy, athletic horse.
  • They can’t get their horses consistently on the bit.
  • They can’t afford to work with a trainer on a regular basis.
  • There aren’t any decent trainers in their area.
  • They can’t afford a warmblood so they think training will be more difficult with their Quarter horse. (Arabian, Haflinger. Friesian, Morgan, Saddlebred, Fjord, Thoroughbred etc)
  • Negative emotions like FEAR, INSECURITY, and ANGER prevent them from fully enjoying their horses.
I’ve developed my books, DVDs, CDs, and training programs because I totally understand your frustration. When I began my dressage career, I started with a broken down racehorse with a bowed tendon. He cost me a whopping $500 (my life savings at the time). It took me a year and a half to be able to canter this horse without him running away with me!

I was so broke; my training consisted of only 2 things:
The book “Complete Training of Horse and Rider” by Alois Podhajsky and one clinic a year with Cindy Sydnor. (That’s 2 lessons/year!)

I didn’t own a truck or trailer so I had to borrow them to drive to Massachusetts for my lessons with Cindy. Cindy was gracious enough to let me pay her with the spare change from my waitressing tips!

I struggled with show nerves and insecurity. (Lots sleepless nights before a show and LOTS of time spent in the Port-O-Let!)

I created my products for you because I was as frustrated then as you are now. Here’s what you’ll find and MORE (including a FREE newsletter with a high content training article each month) on this site.

  • Training books and DVDs that break things down so clearly that you know exactly how to use each seat bone, leg, and hand for every movement, transition and exercise.
  • CDs and books to help you deal with your own mental monsters so you can have FUN!
  • Training programs (video lessons, mentoring, coaching programs, seminars) so that you’ll NEVER AGAIN feel like you’re out there on your own. I’m there for you to help you through your training challenges – both emotionally and with your horse.

I get excited when people just like you tell me how helpful these tools have been to them. (By the way, I got so excited by your feedback that I’ve developed a HUGE home study course called The Happy Horse Guide and Happy Horse Solutions that includes 35 DVD lessons, 33 CD lectures and two printed manuals.)

And to show you just how user-friendly this program is for all riders with any type of horse, I used only one warmblood during production. My cast of stars includes my beloved Friesian, Menno PM, Colby, the Percheron, Sigmund Freud, the Haflinger, Twinkie, The Paint, and Valentino, the Thoroughbred.

Anyhow, back to the letters. Here’s just a sampling of what I’ve been hearing.

Since your DVD’s arrived, I’ve started the first two lessons with my 5yr old Arab/Holsteiner cross. In one week, we improved our competition scores by almost 5% points. It’s truly amazing! My work and commuting schedule makes it difficult to work with anyone on a regular basis. But I can watch these lessons over and over. I love how you make everything so concise and simple.
Stacy Wilson, Maryland

I have had MANY trainers in the past 25 years, BUT you’re the only one who teaches me HOW to do things. I not only get a lesson on the horse I’m riding, but I get one for all my other HORSES. So when I ride with you I am also training Galaxy, Willioso, Razz, Bailey, Winnie, Tango, You fill my tool belt. You simplify every aspect of riding and just make it so straightforward. I have already told my students that they should buy your DVD’s and just watch them over and over!
Heidi Jo Hauri-Gill, Enfield, New Hampshire

Jane, working with you has been an investment in myself. You continually impress me with your sensible, logical training and clear explanation on how to use the training scale. I walk away from every session with an encyclopedia of information and instruction on exactly how to use that information. I love your positive and encouraging approach. You’ve not only improved my riding, but I have also become a better person as a result of your brilliant insights.
Cindy Strate, Weybridge, Vermont

What a difference a few ‘new rules’ about thinking forward can make in only a little over a month! Also, when I use your suppling technique, my horse focuses on me instead of everything around us. Powerful little tool you have there, Jane!
Dale Shields, New Hampshire

Recently, a friend of mine reminded me of something I said many years ago: “I’m going to learn how to get a horse on the bit and bring it to the people!” This comment obviously reflects the confusion many riders have about trying to understand and perform this task. Jane, you’ve really done it! You’ve brought it to the people, and I applaud you for it!
Char Cutforth, Strafford, VT

Your books and DVD’s put things in simple terms that I can remember! You know you’ve made it if you can get an Aussie bush girl brought up on stock horses to Grand Prix, without even meeting me!
Gail George, Burekup, Western Australia

After working with you, I now have a horse that is happy in his work and understands what I’m asking him to do. He has gone from being a tense, worried horse to a horse that is relaxed and moves with fluidity. 3.0His scores in competition have gone up dramatically. Your positive, motivational, and creative teaching techniques have gotten us here. Thank You, Jane!
Jody Kiefer, Colchester, Vermont

No instructor has ever imparted as much valuable information to me. You create an unforgettable visual image that makes each concept easy to understand. My horse and I always leave our sessions feeling more skilled and confident with a foundation for continued success.
Carrie Wehle, Scottsville, NY

My Appaloosa mare and I had a great discussion about moving forward ‘until the cows come home’ yesterday. So, I guess you can teach old dogs new tricks. She is 25, and I am 69. Thanks, Jane!
Sally Dutton, Winsted, Connecticut