Moshi_issue42You’re never going to get there. You’re never going to get it all done. You’re never going to reach the very top. There is no final destination.

Do these statements tweak you a little? Are you certain if you just could get to Prix St.Georges and wear that cool shadbelly coat that your life would be complete? Are you sure if you just lost that last ten pounds that your whole existence would be smooth-sailing from that day on? Do you believe if only your horse had perfect one-tempi changes that you’d be completely satisfied as a rider?

You gotta trust me on this…. No matter what you think right now, when you reach your goal, you’re going to want more. It’s the nature of being human. And since I’m a horse, I can watch what you humans do with unbiased eyes and really see what’s going on. No matter what you achieve or what you receive, you naturally look to the next goal, the next horizon, the next toy or tool to make your life even better.

This is not a bad thing. This just IS. But it’s helpful to know that you’re not going to get it done. The goals you set will always be stepping stones to the next thing. There is no end.

Goals are very important. They give you a target to shoot for. Having goals directs your mind to find the path. Every day you work toward a goal, you get that much closer. And when you get there, rejoice in the moment! Because as soon as your attention wavers, you’ll be looking for the next one.

What goals do you have for today? For this week? For this year? Write them down and check them off when you reach them. Then add new ones! You’ll be surprised how often you do actually reach your goals!

Have you seen my one-tempis? That was one of my most precious goals. And with good visualization and hard work, I got there!

Love, Moshi