The world is getting smaller. Of course that’s just a metaphor, but it’s very fitting. Jane has friends all over the world. When it’s snowing here in the USA, she has friends who remind her that it’s hot summer in Australia. It may be freezing in Canada, but it will be warm in Florida. Comparing weather is one of the easiest ways to measure just how far apart we are in miles or kilometers. But none of that really matters when you consider that we are just a thought or a click of the mouse away in ideas.

Ideas are more powerful than weapons, more powerful than armies, more powerful than the most entrenched dictator. It’s ideas that change the world, and ideas that change your life. Ideas inspire action, and that’s when the mountain really begins to move.

Without challenges we don’t have a lot of inspiration to come up with new ideas. That’s the gift to a problem or challenge. If you have no choice but to come up with a new idea, you will do so! I’m sure you’ve proven this to yourself many times.

If you have a challenge right now, have you made a list of ideas on how it can be handled? You’ll come up with even more ideas if you let someone join you in your brain storming. Find someone you trust and ask them to help you come up with ideas. Write them down, even if they are outrageous or seemingly impossible. Don’t judge or dismiss anything. You’ll probably find yourself laughing at the silly ideas, but just keep writing them down. Then, take just one of those ideas and figure out some action you can take right then toward that solution. Just one step…

I had the idea that I would challenge Indy to a race, figuring that it would keep me inspired to run around my paddock to get fit. It didn’t work out the way I planned, but still, at least I’m able to work with Jane much longer without getting tired. I may not have won the race, but I did win at getting more fit.

Do you have any ideas how I can run faster than Indy?

Love, Moshi