Today is the day! Right now, this moment, is the point where you can change everything you’d like to change. Right now! You have the ability, you have the power, you just have to make the decision.

What would you like to do/be/experience? Are you ready to commit? If so, now is the time! You can do it! Just set the goal and then plan the steps you need to take to get there. If you don’t know the steps, find a mentor who can help you. Find someone who’s where you want to be, and ask them to help you make a plan. Then, one step at a time, follow the plan.

Horses live in the moment. We don’t really plan ahead. Living NOW gives us an advantage in that we don’t carry a lot of grudges or baggage. Sure, we can get programmed to respond with fear at something that’s hurt or scared us in the past, but we don’t wallow in the memory. We just react. Because of this, we can be re-programmed to react in a different way. Humans can do this too! But, with people it takes a conscious decision to let go of the past and move on to a new way of being.

You can’t move forward if you cling to the past. It’s like the old saying, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.” You have to let go of where you are, to get where you’d rather be.

Are you willing to let go of the pains and fears of the past? What would you lose if you did so? What would you gain? Would people see you the same way? Would you have to give up a certain identity? Would you get the same kind of attention you enjoy now? Is it worth it to you to make the change?

This life is yours. YOU get to choose. Choose wisely.

Love, Moshi