There are lots of sales out there now. As you likely know, I started my specials last month.

Some of you already purchased one of the Blow Out Bundles.

Some of you purchased my new novel, Second Chances.

Some of you purchased both, and I want to thank you so much for your support.

If you haven’t already purchased a bundle now is the time. The goal was to reduce inventory and soon some of the items will be sold out and retired.

There’s a good chance that you already have a product or two that is included in a bundle.

But… what about gifts for your horse-loving friends or family?

Or a gift for yourself.

These prices are the lowest ever.

SO… if you haven’t checked the bundles out yet, go here or click the link.

These are strictly “while supplies last,” as the items in each bundle will retire when inventory is sold out.

One of my all-time best sellers – The Happy Horse Combo Package is offered at a jaw-dropping price.

BLOW-OUT BUNDLE 3 is OVER 75% off the regular price (including bonus).


Go here now to check them out OR share this link:

Happy Holidays!


Second ChancesP.S. And, if you haven’t heard about, or picked up a copy of my newest book, Second Chances, yet, you can read more about it and pre-order here:

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