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Jane Savoie Newsletter (Trot Zig Zags for Suppleness) - Jane Savoie

I hope you’ve been enjoying my new educational newsletter format, which includes a short training video to help you add variety and fun to your schooling sessions.

This month I’ll show you a leg-yielding exercise called Trot Zig Zags. You probably know that leg-yields are terrific obedience, loosening, strengthening, and toe-touching warm-up exercises.

But did you know that you can create even more suppleness by doing a zig-zag in leg-yielding? That means you leg-yield in one direction and then you smoothly leg-yield back in the other direction.

The added benefit of doing a zig-zag is that it’s a great rider coordination exercise not only because you have to change your posting diagonal between each leg-yield, but also because you need to leg-yield both in and out to the same degree. By doing that, you ensure that you “gymnastisize” both hind legs equally.

So enjoy this short Zig-Zag video, and if you’d like to have access to an entire repertoire of original schooling exercises, click the button below:

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Have fun!