Tomorrow is the last day to get your free 3-Day pass to my online dressage training site Dressage Mentor. To get your pass, go to

Here’s just some of what you’ll find in Dressage Mentor:

  • Training techniques (like the half halt!) that are broken down into understandable pieces so that you can re-create the lessons at home.
  • Comparison and contrast of the right and wrong way to do things so that you can learn the difference between correct and incorrect training.
  • Audios on everything from training to squashing your mental monsters to hearing about my horses and the lessons they’ve taught me so you can improve your riding both physically and mentally.
  • Watch “normal” horses (not expensive warmbloods!) and average riders sorting through training issues so you can really relate to what people go through in training and problem solving.
  • Interviews with Guest Experts like judges, massage therapists, dentists, sports psychologists, trainers, and clicker trainers so you learn “other” approaches to help your horse.
  • A supportive community in the Forum where you can share experiences and brainstorm so you never feel like you’re “going it alone”.

Once again, click here to get your 3-Day Pass to my online dressage training site, Dressage Mentor.