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Hi Guys!

Thanks for all your emails telling me that you’d love to have access to the information on Dressage Mentor, but your slow Internet connection doesn’t allow you to watch the Hot Seats or any of the Training Videos.

I understand how frustrating that can be (I used to have dial-up too!) so I’ve created a Special item for you just in time for the Holiday season.

I’m offering the Premier Dressage Mentor Audio Collection

These are instantly downloadable MP3s. There’s NO waiting for anything to arrive in the mail!

You can instantly burn your own CD on your computer, or you can download the MP3 files to an MP3 player, like an iPod.

Here’s What You Get…

Sure you’ll get all kinds of information from these audios. But I know you can get this information on training and sports psychology from almost any good book.

So what makes these audios so special? You’ll be getting the information not only from someone who has actually walked the walk as a coach at 3 Olympic Games, but also from a teacher who has the ability to dissect and present information so it’s easy to understand and use right away. You’ll literally be given the keys to the kingdom of the horse!

The Audios are divided into 7 modules for easy reference. The Modules Include…



  1. What Do Your Legs and Reins Control?
  2. What Does Your Seat Control?
  3. How To Tell If You’re Doing a Good Working Gait?
  4. What’s the Difference Between Flexion and Bend?
  5. How To Pick Up The Right Canter Lead Every Time
  6. What is Free Walk and How Do You Get a Good One?
  7. 2 Secrets For Riding Round 20-meter Circles
  8. How to Organize Your Schooling Session
  9. How to Ride Accurate Dressage Tests
  10. How to Ride Every Stride of Training Level Test 1
  11. How to Ride through Every Stride of 1st Level, Test 1
  12. How Does Dressage Benefit Every Horse?
  13. How and Why to Do a Good Turn on the Forehand
  14. How to Ride the Change of Lead Through the Trot
  15. How and Why To Do Lengthenings
  16. The Secret to a More Productive Ride–Combination Exercises


CONNECTION-Put Your Horse On The Bit

  1. Learn the Secret of The Half Halt
  2. The “Connecting Half Halt” is the SAME as the “Connecting Aids”
  3. How to Make Your Horse Pay Attention when he’s Not Listening
  4. Is there Enough “Go” in Your Half Halt?
  5. How to Help Your Horse Take an Even Contact with the Reins
  6. Is Your Horse Really Connected or Is He Just Posing On the Bit?
  7. What To Do If Your Horse Curls His Chin to His Chest
  8. What To Do if Your Horse Evades and Resists Contact
  9. What’s the Difference between Contact, Connection, and Collection?



  1. How to Do Reinback
  2. What is Shoulder-in and Why Is It Useful?
  3. What’s the Difference Between First Position, Shoulder-fore, and Shoulder-in?
  4. 6 Tips For More Bend In Shoulder – In
  5. What To Do If Your Shoulder-In Is A “Head and Neck – In”
  6. The Biggest Mistake Riders Make When Horses Ignore The Inside Leg in Lateral Work
  7. How to Ride Canter to Walk Transitions
  8. How to Ride Counter-Canter
  9. 4 Tips for Collecting the Canter
  10. How To Begin Flying Changes
  11. How to Ride Every Stride of Fourth Level Test 1
  12. How to Teach Canter Pirouettes
  13. How to Start Piaffe



  1. How to Develop Good Hands
  2. Learn How to Sit the Trot Better
  3. 3 Exercises to Loosen Your Hips
  4. 2 Simple Tips to Help You Know Where the Hindquarters Are
  5. How To Get Your Horse To Think Forward?
  6. What To Do If Your Horse Doesn’t Listen to Your Leg
  7. What To Do If Your Horse Won’t Slow Down or Stop
  8. The Secret To Relaxing Your Horse Called “The Valium Exercise”
  9. How to Supple the Poll
  10. How to Know when To Start New Work and What To Do If You Meet Resistance?
  11. How to Prevent Your Horse From Drifting Out
  12. 5 Common Mistakes That Riders Make
  13. How To Correct a Lateral Walk
  14. How To Stop Your Horse From Pulling in the Halt
  15. What To Do If Your Horse is Heavy in the Bridle
  16. How to Know If You Should Ride Your Horse Low or Up?



  1. How to Choose the Right Instructor
  2. The Secret to a Great Ride Every Day–Progress Not Perfection
  3. Learn How To Relax At Horse Shows
  4. My Personal Horse Show Routine
  5. 3 Essential Things You Need to Know About Self-Talk so You Don’t Accidentally Sabotage Yourself.
  6. How To Build Your Confidence
  7. How to Develop a “Can Do” Attitude
  8. The Secret to Easily Building Your Self-Esteem
  9. 3 Keys to Leading Your Best Life–Acceptance, Enjoyment, Enthusiasm
  10. The 2 Things you MUST Do to Lead a Fulfilling Life?
  11. How to Deal with Frustration
  12. How to Silence Your Inner Critic
  13. How to Live Every Day with An Attitude of Gratitude


– Enjoy these lessons that I’ve learned from the horses in my life.

  1. My Horses, My Teachers-Equugold
  2. My Horse, My Teachers-Happenstance
  3. My Horses My Teachers, Sacramento
  4. My Horses, My Teachers – Zapatero
  5. My Horses, My Teachers -Jolicoeur
These 73 audio sessions alone contain over 24 hours of information not only on coping with riding and training issues but also on managing all the stuff that life throws at us every day.

When you order during this special holiday promotion, you receive ALL of these tips, tools, and strategies for just $297.

Just think. If I came to your area and sat with you to give one of my 6-hour seminars, my fee would be $2,000. And you’d only get to hear the information once!

This is like getting 4 seminars worth of my material that’s yours to listen to over and over-an $8,000 value!

But There’s More…

But that’s not all. I’m also going to give you 20 of my Expert Interviews. You get to eavesdrop on my chats with some of the Best of the Best in the business!

That’s an additional 18 hours of information for a total of over 42 hours of Audios.

Here’s What You’ll Find When You Ask the Experts…

  1. Heather Sansom – Fitness for Equestrians
  2. Jeanne Lambrecht –Clinical Psychologist–The Fear Factor
  3. Asia Voight – Animal Communicator
  4. Mary Midkiff – Women’s Equestrian Connection—Women’s Fitness
  5. Shawna Karrasch –Former Seaworld Trainer on Clicker Training
  6. Ruth Hogan-Poulsen – How To Support Your Horse On a Budget
  7. Beth Baumert – How to be a Good Learner
  8. Michele Morseth – “Dressage” for Riders
  9. Robert Dover – 6 time Olympian—As Jane’s former coach, Robert and Jane take a stroll down memory lane
  10. Dr. Geoff Tucker – Dentistry without Drama
  11. Kristi Weltner Redd – How to Sit the Trot
  12. Barbra Schulte –Cutting Champion–Peak Performance Coach
  13. Dolores Arste – Zen Horsemanship–Clicker Training
  14. Lynn Palm – AQHA Horsewoman of the Year
  15. Brad Yates -“The EFT Wizard”—How To Use the Emotional Freedom Technique to Deal with Fear
  16. Jane Hamlin- Dressage and Event Trainer, Competitor, and Judge–How to Find the Right Horse for You
  17. Lois Yukins-“S” Judge–What Do Dressage Judges Want to See?
  18. Kelli Temple-Canadian Olympian-Tips for Riding and Schooling the Hot Horse
  19. Linda Hudson – Psychologist–Overcome Trauma with Brainspotting
  20. Bob Doyle –Create The Life You Want Through The Law of Attraction

And since it’s the Holiday season…


As a special Holiday Bonus, I’m also going to throw in the Audios from December.

They include:

  1. The Magic of Allowing
  2. How to Develop Trot and Canter Extensions
  3. How to Put Your Horse on the Bit-Part 1
  4. How to Put Your Horse on the Bit-Part 2
  5. How to Put Your Horse on the Bit-Part 3
  6. How to Cope with Resistance
  7. My Horses, My Teachers, Eastwood
  8. Expert Interview with Pam Stone-Comedian, Actress (from the hit TV series Coach) and star dressage rider!

That’s an additional 5 hours of my best content…for a total of 47 hours of material! That comes to an amazing $6.31/hour!

Here’s what some Dressage “Mentorees” have to say about their experience…

I went to do the work you suggested today not expecting to see a difference yet. I thought it would take ages and loads of practice but my horse really benefited from this in one session!
OMG! He turned into a different horse! Suddenly for the first time I felt his weight truly shift back. I felt him come up through the withers, his front end lightened, and he took responsibility for everything. I truly think he was enjoying it and rather proud of himself!

Jane, this is truly awesome–a real case of doing basic exercises to improve other work–not just doing work for its own sake. I can’t thank you enough. Yet again you have helped my horse and me even though you are thousands of miles away.

Carolyn Jenkinson, UK

Jane! I just have to say that I cannot believe how much information you manage to pack into each Audio selection on the Dressage Mentor site. Hearing the information really works for me as I can replay your words in my head as I ride! Giving me the ability to download the audio onto my MP3 is inspired!
Pam D, Pennsylvania

I down loaded all of the lectures and listened to them on a 22 hour road trip. I listened to them over and over. I visualized the techniques as I drove. When I got back on my horse, I could hear Jane’s voice. (After 22 hours I could hear her in my sleep too!) It was like she was in the arena giving me a private lesson!
And, my horse is so much more supple now! With a more supple horse, everything is easier. We were struggling with third level. Now we are fine-tuning third level!
I really like the instructor I work with.

Jane’s lectures really compliment what my instructor teaches. I realize that I comprehend much more about the how and why when listening to a lecture. When I ride, there is so much multi-tasking that sometimes I miss important details. Jane’s lectures are helping fill in the holes

Louie, Minnesota

I listen to my CDs whenever I have the opportunity whether it is on the road, sitting is the car while my husband shops for his nuts and bolts, etc., or unwinding before I go to sleep. Sometimes I play the CDs when I am working in the house. I also can hear Jane’s voice speaking to me while I visualize riding correctly. I don’t have an instructor here so Jane is my instructor. Jane’s techniques work!
Mary Ann Z, Montana

Isn’t it great! During a lesson I no longer have to stop and ask “but how do I do that?” Instead, I can focus on making the adjustments and riding. I’ve had some major breakthroughs since joining Dressage Mentor.
Karen and Slew, Canada

So to sum up…

Here’s what you get when you order the Premier Dressage Mentor Audio Collection

7 modules of Training Audios including:

  • Basic Work
  • Connection
  • Advanced Work
  • Problem Solving
  • The Mental Edge
  • My Horses, My Teachers
  • 21 Expert Interviews

…For a total of over 47 hours of training and information!

…And you don’t need to wait for these Audios to arrive in the mail. You can claim instant access to all the material by hitting the Submit button below.

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