We’ll show you how to reprogram the software in your mental computer so you can correct your position quickly and easily.

As you might know, Ruth Hogan-Poulsen and I have produced a lot of educational products over the years.

But the one thing you keep telling us is that you want help with your position.

Well, we heard you loud and clear.

  • You told us you’re sick and tired of wasting time in your riding lessons because your instructor has to repeat the same corrections over and over.
  • You’re frustrated because you want to start working on something new, instead of the same old position, position, position stuff.
  • You can’t afford to keep wasting lesson money to work on the same old problems.
  • You’re frustrated because you have trouble sitting the trot.
  • You don’t know how and what to fix when you ride by yourself.

And we’ve come up with a solution for you. We’ve created a revolutionary program called PROGRAM YOUR POSITION.

In this program, we give you a shorthand language that changes the software in your subconscious mind so you can cut quickly and easily trigger position corrections.

By the way, this letter is pretty long. So if you’ve already seen the Youtube videos and have decided that you want the program at the cost of $147…

Here’s why Ruth and I decided to develop this program together.

First of all, we’ve known each other and worked together for more than 25 years. And to this day we’re each other’s eyes on the ground.

Secondly, we bring our own individual strengths to the table (um..I mean, to the arena.) Ruth is a right-brained, artistic, creative thinker while I’m a left-brained, logical, analytical thinker. Together we complement each other and can help riders with different learning styles.

Plus, we’ve each struggled with our own unique set of position problems.

My main problem (as I’ve freely admitted to on many occasions) is that I’m not a naturally gifted rider. Yes, I’m a “trained” rider. But things have never come easily to me. And I found it so frustrating to struggle day after day with an uncooperative body.

Another issue is that I have very little awareness of where my body is in space. Someone can say to me “right shoulder”, and I have to ask, “Is it forward? Is it back? Is it down? What exactly do you mean by “right shoulder”?

Finally, my old personal approach to problem solving–will power—just wasn’t working. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t force myself to sit the trot better, or sit squarely in the saddle.

And Ruth has her own set of issues that come primarily from injuries and old habits from her hunter days. She naturally carries her right shoulder more forward than her left one because at one time she dislocated it. She has chronic back problems because when she was young, she rode with too much strength and not enough relaxation.

Between the two of us, we can pretty much relate to every problem out there! So we put this program together for you because we figured that if we’ve had these kinds of challenges with our own positions, there are probably a lot of other people with similar problems.

But there are other reasons why we complement each other so well.

First of all, Ruth is a master analyst and “dissector” of position problems. She can help you get to the ROOT of your problem.

For example, you might think your problem is that you’re hands aren’t steady in sitting trot. But that might not be the problem at all. Your bouncing hands might merely be a symptom of the problem. Not only can Ruth explain that the cause of your unsteady hands problem comes from your seat. But she can tell what to do to fix it.

My contribution is that for decades, I’ve studied how the subconscious mind works. I realized early on in my riding career that will-power might help me stay on a diet or get me to the gym, but will-power and “iron-jawed determination” were not going to help me with my position faults.

I learned that you can only make short term changes by directing your efforts to your conscious mind. If you want to make permanent changes, you need to direct your efforts to your SUBCONSCIOUS mind.

And that’s why this program works!

Not only will you reprogram your subconscious mind through visualization. But we’ll also give you a shorthand language so you can self-correct through anchoring key words and phrases that we call buzz words.

After all, when you’re trying to recognize and correct position problems, you need to be able to do it QUICKLY and EASILY—without a long explanation of how to do things like open your pelvis, lift your sternum, raise one side of your rib cage, or let your legs drape around your horse.

You need a clear mental picture of what a correct position looks like. This program efficiently pares down all those overwhelming explanations into one BUZZ WORD or PHRASE.

Then you can use that BUZZ WORD as a shorthand language to TRIGGER those position corrections.


Now we know you might have questions about the series so we’ve done our best to answer your most frequently asked questions.

Q. Isn’t this a lot of money for a DVD/CD program?
A. Think about how much time and lesson money you spend when your instructor has to repeat the same old corrections over and over. You’ll be getting a lot more from your lessons when you can fix your position quickly and easily so you can go on to new work. Plus, when you break down the cost per disc, you’ll see that it’s an incredible value.

Q. I’ve been plagued by the same position problems for years. Why would this program work for me when others haven’t helped?
A. The secret behind this program is that you’re directing your efforts toward your subconscious mind. Your subconscious is the part of your brain that truly determines what you do. You can make short-term, temporary changes in your position by using “will-power”. But if you want to make permanent changes, you need to reprogram your subconscious.

You install new software in your mental computer by using mental images and a shorthand language we call buzzwords. The buzzwords automatically trigger your position corrections.

In addition, when, you hold the vivid mental pictures we provide in your mind’s eye,your muscles automatically fire in a way to help you sit correctly.

Q. I’m not very good at visualization. Will that be a problem for me?
A. No worries. We’ve provided a brochure with illustrations of all the buzzwords. All you have to do is refer to those ready-made images.

Also, you’re probably better at visualization than you think. We all “think” in pictures.
If I asked you to describe your couch, you might say something like, “It’s brown tweed, with 3 cushions, and lots of dog hair on it.” You probably didn’t spell out the words B-R-O-W-N-T-W-E-E-D. Instead, you pictured your couch in your mind’s eye.

Q. Can I really improve my position from watching DVDs?
A. We think so. But just in case you need more help, we’ve provided 2 Audio CDs that you can use WHILE riding. We’ll be with you “in your head” every step of the way!

Q. Some of the buzzwords don’t strike a chord with me. Can I still use the program?
A. Once you know how the images and shorthand language works, you can develop your own unique buzzwords to trigger position corrections.

Q. My trainer doesn’t teach this way. Can I still use this method?
A. Absolutely. We even have a DVD that shows how to use the buzzwords to trigger your own corrections. Just say your buzzword to yourself, and make your own corrections. Your instructor will see dramatic changes and most likely congratulate you!

Q. I learn by “feel” so will the images and buzzwords work for me?
A. They work incredibly well for people who ride by feel. That’s because once you’re sitting in the correct position, you’ll have the right muscle memory to go back to that position when you trigger yourself with your buzzwords.

Plus studies show that when you vividly visualize a skill, your muscles fire in exactly the same way that they do when you’re performing the skill for real.

Q. I don’t have mirrors or a ground person. How will I know what to work on?
A. Have someone take a short video or some photographs of you and your horse. That way you can evaluate what you need to work on. Maybe you collapse your waist on the right side or your lower legs are too far forward. Then refer to the brochure, and just use the appropriate images and buzzwords to self-correct.

Q. I think my position is pretty good. Do I really need a program like this?
A. Professionals work on their positions every day. That’s because they know that the effectiveness of their aids depends on how well they sit and the independence of their seats.

To demonstrate how the program works for riders at all levels, one of the DVDs shows 5 different riders using this system. The buzzwords are the same, but you’ll see how the corrections become progressively subtler as the student is more advanced.

Q. What if you don’t use the particular buzzword I need?
A. Keep in mind that even though we give you lots of images, the HEART of the program is the formula you use to ANCHOR an image with your buzzword so you can trigger your position corrections subconsciously.

So, even though we give you a bunch of buzzwords, it’s important to use an image that works for you. Then just “tag” the position correction with your personal buzzword. (i.e. You might find that the Buzzword “Velcro” conjures up a super image of sitting close to your horse. (That’s the one I always think of when I watch Betsy Steiner ride!) Or the word “Towel” might remind you to keep your legs softly draped around your horse like a wet towel. The possibilities are endless!!

Q. How can I work on my position when my horse is being uncooperative?
A. If you think your horse will be uncooperative during parts of your ride, simply ANCHOR your buzzwords in the walk. Then you can use them to trigger the right muscle memory as you do other “things”. Also, remember that the better you sit, the better your horse will go!

So, we think pretty much everyone can benefit from this program. However, you DON’T need it if:

  • Your teacher doesn’t have to nag you about the same position faults every lesson.
  • Your hands are always steady.
  • You sit the trot perfectly.
  • You always sit straight.
  • Your heels are always down.
  • You never grip with your legs.
  • Your position is always in harmony with your horse so he doesn’t have to tune you out because he can’t hear what you’re asking through the chaos of a noisy position.
  • Your mind and body are in synch as far as what you think you want your horse to do and how you actually give the aids.
  • Your horse stays reliably on the bit because you always offer an elastic contact.
  • You can instantly feel where you’re crooked, rigid, or unsteady.
  • Your muscles never ache because you’re holding yourself on your horse through tension.
  • Your teacher tells you to move a body part, and you can instantly do what she asks.
  • You’re coming to dressage from another discipline such as the hunters, and don’t have a problem retraining your body to sit differently.
  • You’re a multi-discipline rider like an event rider who is versatile enough to make specific, unique corrections and can adapt quickly to each discipline.
  • You always get 9’s or 10’s for your position score in competition.

Phew! That’s a lot of information. So, if you’ve decided that you’d like to take advantage at the cost of $147 click here.

But if you’d like to read what some of our riders who “test drove” the program for us had to say, read on.

I’ve had my Program Your Position for a couple weeks now and have been able to listen and watch. I listen on my way to work and find myself correcting my position all the time. Those buzzwords stay with you! My favorite is ‘slippers’, that really helps take away that hunter ‘heels down!’ And toothpicks, and wings!

I am in the process of rehab with my horse due to a shoulder injury and can only walk him at this time. What a great time to have received this program – what did you say Jane, it takes two weeks to create a habit? I definitely have that! Great program!
Barbara B

I rode yesterday with the second audio …..Outstanding!!! Her pauses and timing are perfect as if she is giving you a lesson. Jane and Ruth have provided a great tool. Everyone take the opportunity to listen to the audio while you ride. It’s money well spent!
Karen N

Kudos to you and Ruth for this program, Jane! You really know how to create visuals that ‘stick’ in our heads when we’re in the saddle. If I had had this program when I started dressage, I would have saved thousands of $$$ and hours in lessons trying to get my position right . Thanks for giving me clarification so that I can begin each ride in the right position!
Trish R

In just three short days since practicing my new visualizations, my horse and I have made great improvements. In today’s session, she got the right lead all but once. I am so thrilled!
Heather D

It’s so important to be able to use these mental pictures when you’re working in isolation without much contact with an instructor.
Melissa B

In 1 week, I can already feel how much easier it is to sit the trot. Thank you!
Kathie H

My instructor loves that I use this “shorthand language” to correct my own position. She doesn’t have to waste her time (and my money!) repeating the same old corrections, and we’ve been able to start lots of new work.
Jeannette H

In the new USDF dressage tests, the coefficient for the rider’s position and use of aids now has a coefficient of 3 instead of 2. Since starting this program, my position score has gone from a 7 to an 8. That’s makes a total of 24 points instead of 14 points. Wow!
Melissa M

All I can say is “thank you”! I’ve struggled with the same old position faults for years. In just a few short sessions, I’ve broken old habits and replaced them with a much more elegant and effective position.
Emma P

At this point you might be wondering what’s in the program. It includes 3 Audio CDs, 5 DVDs, and a brochure. Here are the specifics.
  • Audio CD 1-Introduction describing contents of the program.
  • Audio CD 2-Use this audio while riding to practice using your buzzwords.
  • Audio CD 3-Use this audio on or off your horse to help you sit the trot.
  • DVD 1-Jane and Ruth introduce the buzzwords and show you how to use them to trigger position corrections quickly and easily.
  • DVD 2-This DVD shows how to safely work on your position on the lunge.
  • DVD 3-Five riders show how the buzzwords help them make corrections.
  • DVD 4-This DVD gives you lots of images and ideas to help you sit the trot.
  • DVD 5-Ruth reviews how to use the buzzwords when riding by yourself.
  • 30pp Brochure containing illustrations of the Buzzwords.


For a sneak preview of some of the lessons, go to:

Watch and listen to Jane and Ruth talk about how Program Your Position works!

Listen to the Intro CD Below

We wish you lots of fun and success!
Jane and Ruth

P.S. What are you waiting for? To order PROGRAM YOUR POSITION at the cost of $147 click here.