In 2009, I ran out of money to have my horse in training and was forced to take him home! But with Jane Savoie’s help, I was able to apply her step by step approach to improve so much! Now I am totally confident and training green broke horses, and have been very successful in the show ring. THANKS JANE!!!!

Sue Zoltner

You know that Jane Savoie has had an impact on your life when you hop on your nervous TB mare who is absolutely quaking, spend 40 minutes in the saddle, and return to the barn with a horse that is yawning and has her head below her withers.
Cindy Strate, Vermont

Jane shares her exquisite knowledge about horses and the art of dressage riding, geared towards benefiting the horse. She identified the challenges “all of us,” face, who muddle through without personal access to an instructor of the superb caliber of Jane Savoie. Then she used that wonderful brain of hers to figure out how to address the problstrong in several innovative ways.

But, I HAVE to tell you my experience of Jane is her exuberant drive to help you learn the arcane art of dressage. She lifts me up and spurs me on. She is passionate, almost scary in the breadth and depth of her knowledge, and she adds in psychology to weave it all together. She is just darned FUN… and my experience is through her books, Happy Horse instruction and her online Mentorship program.

Firstly, she developed her “Happy Horse” instruction set, using the 3 ways people learn–visual, auditory and performance. She teaches with such precision that you CAN and WILL get it. Then she developed her online Mentorship program, and rounded it all out with a program for improving your position.
Who would have thought that the web could be used to help you really learn how to ride horses!! Sure, you think of written articles, but Jane uses audio, images and video. It is amazing how effective it all is.

Mostly, though, I am so touched that her personal connection, her personality and drive to share her knowledge comes across–no matter what the medium. Yes, she is a Dressage Queen, but the nicest and most competent one you could ever have the great good fortune to know.

Petie Walker, Neophyte Dressage Rider, May 25, 2009

After working with Jane, I now have a horse that is happy in his work and understands what I’m asking him to do. He has gone from being a tense, worried horse to a horse that is relaxed and moves with fluidity. His scores in competition have gone up dramatically. Jane’s positive, motivational, and creative teaching techniques have gotten us here. Thank You, Jane!
Jody K. Vermont

I want to share a VERY big success I had yesterday. Long story short, I am following your Train with Jane program, and am a VERY proud Dressage Mentor member.

My mother, who also has horses, but she does her own thing with them, and keeps them at her house, so I don’t always see her ride. Well, my mom has been so flustered with one of her horses. She was almost ready to give up on this mare. The mare always wanted to be in, as you call it “bolt posture.”

Now, from someone else, my mother was told to go to a sharper bit. Talking to her I told her I did not think that was going to solve the problem. I told her I had a GREAT exercise for that mare, that I had learned from Dressage Mentors, and from Train with Jane.

Well, my mom would kind of ignore me when I started to tell her. I think she thought I was crazy that I could solve this mare’s problem from a video lesson! So, I went to her house yesterday, to find my mom riding her mare in a western curb bit. The horse was all sweated up, was starting to rear, and bolt, even threw in a few bucks.

I was so scared that my mom or the horse, or even BOTH were going to get hurt! I said, Mom, STOP what you are doing! Let her walk and calm down! I am going and getting a smooth snaffle bit, and I want you to try the exercise.

My mom snapped back at me, “she WILL not drop her neck in a bit like that, she needs more!”

I calmly said, Mom, what do have to lose. Please lets just try. My mom said, “If you think it’s that easy, YOU get on her and try.”

So I did. I got her rhythm down first, and then started some suppling, and, NO LIE, by the second lap around the ring her neck was down, and she was chewing the reins out of my hands!

It was like she was just melting in my hands! I said, mom this mare is so light in this bit! PLEASE don’t use sharp bit on her.

My mom could not believe it! She then let me help her, and all went well, for my mom and the horse! (-: For the record I am NOT a trainer, nor an instructor, not even a real gutsy rider! But you, Jane, have armed me with such knowledge and confidence. I could tell by what I have learned from you that the horse was NOT being bad or dangerous. She needs to be guided. I can’t believe at times how much I am learning from you and I really have just begun! Thank you so much. You are the BEST!!!

Casey B, Connecticut

Your techniques helped me raise my level of awareness sooner rather than later. Then with some clever ‘thought stopping’, I could zap the negative energy with electricity and a monsoon downpour to wash it away. My visualization practice made it all so real and effective…Then when it came down to a ride in the mountains, I had loads of confidence, felt relaxed, and was full of gratitude for my blessings rather than giving in to fears and self-doubt.

I took my horse to the beach where the waves crash in like thunder. We had only been through creeks and to lakes in quiet places so this was all new and she had more reaction than I’ve seen in a long time! So we did a lot of your “Advance and Retreat”. I focused on our day being about play and having fun as I pictured racing through the waves with joy. Eventually we were having a ball! Thank you for helping me so much with my confidence, leadership, and remembering to have fun!

Connie F., Woodylane Farm

Yesterday was “play day” with two of my favorite horse trainers, Kari Crawford and Cindy Loader. Our goal was to have fun and to get some good video of our young stallion, Grandezo. A young lady who asked to “intern” with my video company stopped by with her cameras (both video and still) to practice. Beth has ridden a little, but doesn’t really know horses well and wants to get in the horse video and photo business.

We got my dear, trustworthy, Andalusian mare Lumina out for Beth to ride. I quickly could tell Beth had ridden before, but also realized she was confusing my horse.

I used to teach riding (twenty years ago) and immediately recognized that my young friend needed a little refresher. I asked permission to put her on the lunge line so she could work on her position and not have to worry about where Lumina was going. She agreed.

In moments I heard Jane’s buzz words from her “Program Your Position” DVDs coming out of my mouth while I coached my new student to help correct her position. It was like magic! From a head down, heels up, collapsed right ribcage, stiff armed novice position, to near perfect balance, head up, lovely erect dressage position, took about three minutes! Lumina relaxed, and so did Beth. It was beautiful! Jane’s buzz words flowed out of me like I was a seasoned pro, and my student’s improvement was IMMEDIATE!

I am SO impressed with this program, and how easy it is to help a rider correct position. From there, anything is possible!

I hope all of you, especially trainers, will check out this program. It is well worth the small price of the DVDs to learn this method of communication with students, and yourself. Jane and her partner, Ruth Hogan-Poulsen, really have created a valuable tool!

Kris G., Colorado

I went to audit in Ottawa. Thanks so much for your time and energy – even as an auditor, I took SO many concrete “techniques” home – both for myself and my students. I truly enjoyed your clear, concise and giving teaching style. Will see you again the next time I have a chance!
Kathy, Ottawa

Thanks very much for your Dressage Mentor work! I have EXPONENTIALLY improved my riding with both the technical (where was the systematic approach 20 years ago??) and the mental encouragement.

While I would love to spend more time visually on the site – mostly, I use the audio portion of Mentor. I listen to it at work, while I do desk tasks. Lots of things I take notes on, but I find so much coming back when I ride!

Beth C., NY

This program was like “cleaning a dirty window.” I could see through it, sort of, but Jane cleaned up all the foggy stuff that was making it hard for me to grasp certain concepts.
Nicole Watts, North Carolina

I am so glad I was able to make it to both days of this clinic – you gave so many ideas for me to work with; even without mirrors, an arena or a 2nd pair of eyes! Hopefully when you come back next year (!), the boy and I will be participants. Thanks again,
Cathleen, Canada

I have arrived home after 28 hours of traveling time, but absolutely well worth it. I have been to many clinics and lessons over the years, and I have to say this was the best thing I have ever been to. To have things broken down in an easy to do and understandable way is just awesome.
Jenny Haines, Australia

Jane, you completely changed my riding after decades of feeling I wasn’t doing something quite right. I cannot thank you enough for your superb teaching style and perfect delivery of those methods. Your approach should be mandatory for anyone taking on new students and anyone trying to improve their riding.
Janice G., Maryland

Thank you for passing on your wealth of knowledge to riders who don’t have the means to travel to lessons every day or weekly for that matter.

I have been riding for close to 15 years and haven’t had much success. We both struggle with basic things that others seem to breeze through. I signed up for Dressage Mentor and in 3 months, I have the horse that I have been trying to get for the past 15 years.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving riders like myself the chance to be the rider my horse deserves.

Julie Klitch, New Cumberland, PA

Thank you for your ability to translate and explain to a rider all the way from South Africa. WOW, WOW! You have made my day. My mare is going to be in heaven when I shall be having this conversation with her, and she will definitely have a smile on her face.
Henk Scholtz, South Africa

I can’t begin to tell you the help online coaching has been for me and my horse! I don’t always have the ready funds to buy trainer time or sometimes I need another view or another angle on a problem and that is where online coaching has helped me. I have never met you, but through your online coaching I feel that I am a “pupil” of Jane Savoie just as much as if you were my face to face trainer – thanks Jane!
Carolyn Dorset, Dorchester, England

Dressage Mentor is the easiest way to increase your riding and training knowledge. It covers all aspects of the sport of dressage, and it helps you develop the physical, mental and emotional edge you need to be at your personal best each time you work with your horse.

“The best thing about Dressage Mentor is that it is there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with personal coaching from Jane. Each month new audios, videos and articles deconstruct everyday, real life issues faced by all riders, and provide multiple, easy to use, step by step solutions. My horses are happier and they are performing more confidently and consistently thanks to the information and skills I have learned through using Dressage Mentor.

Sara Miles

You have truly been an inspiration to me. For the first time in my life I am actually looking forward to competing in a dressage show. I never thought I’d hear myself say that. Dressage was always so confusing, and boring, just because I didn’t understand what was happening or why, and my instructors never really explained what anything was for. For the first time I actually enjoy dressage and look forward to getting my saddle out and practicing along with my jumping. I can’t express how thankful I am to finally have that wonderful connection with my horse that I’ve watched others have with their horses.
Lindsey Bakke, San Diego, CA

Thank you for all your hard work on Dressage Mentor. I’ve found it extremely informative, as is everything you teach on, and have been very grateful for its content. You’ve become my only dressage mentor in lieu of lessons. Please know your excellent work is very much appreciated!
Joni Hankin, Oregon

When I first got back into horses after I turned 40, I began importing Friesian horses. Everyone knows Friesians are beautiful and romantic, but I have to say, early on, I wondered if I had got myself into a breed that I would never be able to ride! That’s about when I started receiving online coaching through Dressage Mentor. I would send Jane videos of our shows, and she would send an audio track back full of training suggestions, useful exercises, as well as pointing out the mistakes I was making. Since then, we have progressed steadily.

I think that the online coaching system is very effective because I can take Jane’s suggestions, and try them out the next day. It makes me really THINK through things and become a somewhat of a problem solver on my own. Anything I can’t think through, I ‘Ask Jane’.

Jane gives me homework, and it is my pleasure to do it. Sometimes I can hardly wait until the next morning to ride and try out her suggestions. In summary, Jane has saved me from selling the most incredible horse of a lifetime, Hindrik. Riding him is my favorite activity. It’s been a lot of hard work but also the most rewarding journey of my life and it’s not over yet!

Sue Zoltner, Newberg, Oregon

I have been a part of Dressage Mentor since 2009. I love it! Early on in my membership, I sent photos to Jane for her to critique myself and my horse. My position and use of the aids has improved greatly. Now my horses can do their job better because I am a better rider. I have also sent Jane videos of me riding two of my four horses and we just keep getting better and better.

Along with the solid dressage information and discussions that make my riding and relationships with my horses better, I am developing positive self talk and thinking through Jane’s motivational mentoring that goes along with everything she teaches. Jane is great at helping me overcome problems, whether they be the physical training and riding or the mental, emotional stuff of relationships with horses.

I don’t get regular lessons because I live in a more remote area in the mountains of Idaho. Jane keeps me going on a daily basis online. She offers critiques through videos and photos and also answers questions that are emailed to her. She posts audios and videos and articles that give great information too. And, contacting other members through the forum sparks discussions and brings up questions and solutions that all fit together. Jane is a wonderful teacher, and I understand the whole of dressage so much better than I ever have before.

Helen Glidden, Fruitvale, Idaho

I am loving all the information I can get from Dressage Mentor. And when I forget something, I can go back and read / listen again! I’ve downloaded a few of the audios which relate to stuff I want to work on and listen to them in the car when I’m driving to and from work (it can take me an hour some days, but the time goes faster when I’m practicing moving my weight for a leg yield!)

I also love the motivational side of things that blend so well with the dressage training. Thanks again for the brilliant work and website.

Alex D., New Zealand

What you are doing and teaching us through the internet is incredible and has been so helpful to me that you contributed to my wanting to ride again (I have been riding for over 20 years, and I almost gave up as I wasn’t making any progress…up until now). Today, I feel alive and so full of enthusiasm that I feel everything is possible.
Anna W., Poland

I had a picture review, and I am so thrilled that Jane was able to help me over come things that I have struggled with for over 5 years. I am so happy with the progress that I made with my horse just off the picture. DressageMentor has made all the difference for me and all the horses I ride!
Julie K.

Thank you for providing such clear instruction! I am a professional dog trainer and know the value of great instruction. I have gotten so confused listening to other instructors! I have been disheartened with dressage in the past because what the teachers said never made enough sense. My horse thanks you for training me!
Wendy P., Oregon

I have experienced amazing (A-M-A-Z-I-N-G) dressage instruction by Jane Savoie that was meticulous, imminently understandable, FUN, memorable, made sense, and was wonderfully effective. Jane stuck to the training scale religiously, her techniques were very easy to understand and were very effective, and the results on every horse including mine were a happier, more supple horse.
Deanna Daneshmend, Canada

I went to do the work you suggested today not expecting to see a difference yet. I thought it would take ages and loads of practice but my horse really benefited from this in one session!

OMG! He turned into a different horse! Suddenly for the first time I felt his weight truly shift back. I felt him come up through the withers, his front end lightened, and he took responsibility for everything. I truly think he was enjoying it and rather proud of himself!

Jane, this is truly awesome–a real case of doing basic exercises to improve other work–not just doing work for its own sake. I can’t thank you enough. Yet again you have helped my horse and me even though you are thousands of miles away.

Carolyn Jenkinson, UK

Jane! I just have to say that I cannot believe how much information you manage to pack into each Audio selection on the Dressage Mentor site. Hearing the information really works for me as I can replay your words in my head as I ride! Giving me the ability to download the audio onto my MP3 is inspired!
Pam D, Pennsylvania

I listen to my CDs whenever I have the opportunity whether it is on the road, sitting is the car while my husband shops for his nuts and bolts, etc., or unwinding before I go to sleep. Sometimes I play the CDs when I am working in the house. I also can hear Jane’s voice speaking to me while I visualize riding correctly. I don’t have an instructor here so Jane is my instructor. Jane’s techniques work!
Mary Ann Z, Montana

Isn’t it great! During a lesson I no longer have to stop and ask “but how do I do that?” Instead, I can focus on making the adjustments and riding. I’ve had some major breakthroughs since joining Dressage Mentor.
Karen and Slew, Canada

I was to the point of exhaustion carrying my horse around the ring! While my instructor has tried to convey to me how she gets him forward, it just didn’t work for me – something was missing – and the way you described what you did just made it click. Like magic! I can finally work on other things like leg yields. FINALLY! And I’ve had some glimpses of true roundness and self-carriage! Everything is way easier because I think about this technique in whatever we are doing. I waited to write until I could prove to myself that we were really on to something. There hasn’t been a day that I haven’t come away saying, ‘Wow! I could ride him all day like this!’
Norma S., England

Wow! I want to say thank you for your tips on how to pick up the correct lead. My riding instructor, who lives 2 hours away, sent it to me to try with my mare. We did it!! We picked up the correct leads, and I cried tears of joys. I always knew she could do it, and it was me having the issues. But WE DID IT TOGETHER!! It was an amazing feeling, and I owe it to your step-by-step process on how to sit and what aids to use. Thank you again!
Joelene Morris, New Mexico

I have a horse who I was considering selling at a loss a month ago, but the progress we have made after just a few of your lessons is nothing short of amazing. I’m so inspired and feel so much more confident that I can do this and keep a horse that I really like but just didn’t have the right skills to ride and train. You may have saved my riding career!
Mary, Wisconsin

I’ve listened to all the CD’s a couple times now! So many, many things that you touch on are exactly what’s holding me back…It was a very small investment for a gigantic return! Thanks much for making it okay to have fears and for providing so many tools to knock it right down to a flea and flick it off our shoulders! Hey, I like it … a Fear Flea Flicker!
Joanne N.

Jane’s programs are always upbeat and life changing for both riders and teachers.
Isabelle Aube, Canada

I just wanted to say I’m really enjoying your CDs and your really engaging way of presenting the material. It’s really helping me with my horse who doesn’t really deserve the mistrust I have in him and he’s getting duly punished by never being ridden outside of the indoor arena. I really am beginning to change my way of thinking, and am feeling like I’m more ready for anything that might occur. It feels a lot better and my horse thanks you!
Lauren W.

I love this series! All your advice has been invaluable to me!
Michelle D.

I’ve had my Program Your Position for a couple weeks now and have been able to listen and watch. I listen on my way to work and find myself correcting my position all the time. Those buzzwords stay with you! My favorite is ‘slippers’, that really helps take away that hunter ‘heels down!’ And toothpicks, and wings!”

I am in the process of rehab with my horse due to a shoulder injury and can only walk him at this time. What a great time to have received this program – what did you say Jane, it takes two weeks to create a habit? I definitely have that! Great program!

Barbara B.

I rode yesterday with the second audio …..Outstanding!!! Her pauses and timing are perfect as if she is giving you a lesson. Jane and Ruth have provided a great tool. Everyone take the opportunity to listen to the audio while you ride. It’s money well spent!
Karen N

Kudos to you and Ruth for this program, Jane! You really know how to create visuals that ‘stick’ in our heads when we’re in the saddle. If I had had this program when I started dressage, I would have saved thousands of $$$ and hours in lessons trying to get my position right . Thanks for giving me clarification so that I can begin each ride in the right position!
Trish Roberts, Canada

I down loaded all of the lectures and listened to them on a 22 hour road trip. I listened to them over and over. I visualized the techniques as I drove. When I got back on my horse, I could hear Jane’s voice. (After 22 hours I could hear her in my sleep too!) It was like she was in the arena giving me a private lesson!

And, my horse is so much more supple now! With a more supple horse, everything is easier. We were struggling with third level. Now we are fine-tuning third level!

I really like the instructor I work with. Jane’s lectures really compliment what my instructor teaches. I realize that I comprehend much more about the how and why when listening to a lecture. When I ride, there is so much multi-tasking that sometimes I miss important details. Jane’s lectures are helping fill in the holes.

Pam D, Pennsylvania

In just three short days since practicing my new visualizations, my horse and I have made great improvements. In today’s session, she got the right lead all but once. I am so thrilled!
Heather D

It’s so important to be able to use these mental pictures when you’re working in isolation without much contact with an instructor.
Melissa B

In 1 week, I can already feel how much easier it is to sit the trot. Thank you!
Kathie H

My instructor loves that I use this “shorthand language” to correct my own position. She doesn’t have to waste her time (and my money!) repeating the same old corrections, and we’ve been able to start lots of new work.
Jeannette H

You are the only one who can take so much knowledge and tightly knit it into the scaffolding of the training scale so that everyone can simplify and organize every ride.
Kathleen Olender, Las Vegas, Nevada

I have been riding for 50 years and have had many riding lessons, especially in Germany. But I have never heard anyone explain the way you do! That is a gift for us who would like to learn from you.
Barbara E, Illinois

I was asked by a dressage judge to summarize your teaching in a few short words, and the first word out of my mouth was “clarity”. Clarity of the aids, Clarity of the movements, and clarity of purpose.
Tina Sprecher, NC

In the new USDF dressage tests, the coefficient for the rider’s position and use of aids now has a coefficient of 3 instead of 2. Since starting this program, my position score has gone from a 7 to an 8. That’s makes a total of 24 points instead of 14 points. Wow!
Melissa M

All I can say is “thank you”! I’ve struggled with the same old position faults for years. In just a few short sessions, I’ve broken old habits and replaced them with a much more elegant and effective position.
Emma P

Jane, you completely changed my riding after decades of feeling I wasn’t doing something quite right. I cannot thank you enough for your superb teaching style and perfect delivery of those methods. Your approach should be mandatory for anyone taking on new students and anyone trying to improve their riding.
Janice G., Maryland