I thought you’d enjoy this great note from my friend, Kris, who really understands that the right attitude is a CHOICE.

“I woke up this morning with a nasty headache. Grumbling, I crawled out of bed, gently pushing aside two cats and a little dog (Hot flashes or not, I’m well known in this house as a great heat source..). John was already up, as usual. I started down the stairs and winced at my sore knee. Too much trudging through the snowdrifts pushing a wet, heavy manure cart. John was standing at the bottom of the staircase, arms open wide. I snuggled in, enjoying his warmth. He asked how I was.

“My head hurts, my knee is sore, the house is a mess, and I feel like hell…” I replied, sighing into his embrace..

Suddenly, I gasped and pulled way, looking into John’s eyes. “NO!” I shouted, abashed. “I am wonderful! This is 2010! This is THE year! I am healthy, I’m loved, I’m thrilled to be here with YOU! This is THE year I’m going to get that book done, I’m going to get into shape, our business is going to explode with abundance, and I’m going to have the BEST year of my ENTIRE LIFE!”

As the words left my mouth, a rush of energy flowed through my body as though the earth herself was shooting heat up through my feet. It felt it like a physical charge of electrical power, my nerves the conduit as my brain seemed to glow hot with incredible life force.

“I CAN CHOOSE! I CAN CHOOSE! I CHOOSE THIS AS MY YEAR!” I yelled, headache and sore knee totally forgotten. The dogs started barking in response to the jolt of energy that shot through the house. John grinned, pulled me close and squeezed me hard. (My goodness, how I love that man! ).

So, rather than a resolution, I’m choosing for this New Year, an Affirmation. I affirm that I can choose. I affirm that I attract whatever I put out there in the world. I affirm that I will do my best to send only love, kindness, prosperity, understanding, honestly, and gratitude into the world. I affirm that I will look only for the same in return. Anything not of the Light can pass me by. I CHOOSE! Yes, this will take discipline and dedicated mental vigilance, but I’m ready for the challenge. I CHOOSE!

And, I affirm that it doesn’t matter what happens, only how we respond to it. I CHOOSE to do my best to respond to everything that happens in 2010 with maturity, with compassion, and with Trust that all is just as is should be.

For me, this is the Year of Choice. I am CHOOSING a new way. I am CHOOSING a new life. That new life starts on the inside first, and will show up on the outside second. Of this, I am sure, and I intend to prove it.

So, I wish for you, this New Year, a year of CHOICE. A year where we all discover that we really do choose what we receive. I challenge myself and I challenge you to choose from the inside out. What do you want? To get in shape? More money? A new or better relationship? YOU CAN CHOOSE!

Listen, IT STARTS FROM THE INSIDE FIRST! Perhaps, if you are so inclined, you can spend a few moments today deciding what you want from life. The Power is Now. Choose your life, today, and watch it unfold. Let the Divine lend you a hand. All you have to do is choose. And I’ll be right there with you.”