EQ Equisense Systems stunned the competitive riding community at this year’s Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ by unveiling its debut products, the enhanced EQ Sensor based Reins and Saddle.
The “enhanced” saddle and reins use biomechanical feedback together with computer processing and a graphic user interface to detect imbalances and unevenness in the rider’s seat, legs and rein. Armed with this information, instructors can now actually “see below the surface” and correct mistakes that are too subtle for the naked eye, while riders instantly “feel” how to correct chronic mistakes. As a result, training time is slashed from the traditional months and years to days and weeks.

Quite obviously, Equisense made instant believers out of the thousands in attendance at the Games, held at Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, September 25 – October 10, 2010. Novice riders, professional trainers and world-class competitors alike couldn’t wait to try these new products, and stood in line as long as five hours for a personalized position analysis from a certified EQ trainer.
In fact, demand was high for the full spectrum of Equisense products, the first of which will be available in early spring. Attendance records show the EQ-Equisense Booth was the most popular destination at the World Equestrian Games (WEG) by far.

“We knew EQ’s debut would be huge,” said Olympic coach and Equisense co-founder Jane Savoie. “But we were overwhelmed by the response. Our booth was mobbed the entire 16 days. Security actually had to be called in because the crowd that gathered was creating a fire hazard…”
Though clearly impressed by the turn-out, Savoie was more confident as to why, remarking, “Riders are all hungry to learn how to ‘feel.’ They want to learn how to sit straight and balanced not only so they can be more effective riders, but to keep their horses happier and healthier longer too. By combining science with solid training techniques, we’re able to skyrocket a rider’s learning curve.”

Public reaction certainly bore this out. Riders were astounded at how easily they could improve their positions, and how the corrections stuck with them when they returned to try out the enhanced tack another day. “Within five minutes I learned so much,” said one woman who tried the system. “It was a jaw-dropping experience.”

Data shows that people thronged not just to EQ’s booth space but its cyberspace offering as well, as seen by nearly 15,000 unique visitors and over 24,000 page views from September 1st to October 1st.
Given such the overpoweringly positive response to debut products, many would ask what Equisense plans for an encore. Company representatives were eager to reveal plans to introduce EQLive, EQ Training Centers for students, EQ Pro for certified trainers, and the EQ Roadshow that will bring the full EQ experience to riders around the world.

Whichever products come to the fore, it seems both EQ-Equisense and its customers are in for the ride of their lives.

EQ Equisense Systems is the fusion of two highly successful entities: Jane Savoie International, Inc.–run by world-renowned dressage competitor, mentor, author, Olympic coach, and creator of the first interactive Web-based coaching program; plus the EQ technology team-developers of breakthrough immersive simulation, training and communications solutions.

For more information visit EQtrained.com.

Peter E Raymond
Product Development
Email: praymond@EQtrained.com
T: 631.731.4915
Eq-Equisense Enhanced Saddle and Reins